If you want to catch the really big fish, do not climb deep into the wilderness. Best go for a paid pond. There you will not remain without a catch. Do not think that it is boring. One five-kilogram carp will bring you more fun a few dozen small fish.
Don't rush to pull out the rod when you feel that the hook sits a big fish. Haste in this case will lead to dire consequences, and the fish may get off the hook.
Make sure that in the pond lives a big fish, such as carp. In good calm weather they love to swim almost at the surface of the pond. In such weather it is good to choose a place and start to feed the fish. But fishing is better in cloudy weather. The fish will bite better.
Never exceed the maximum test of the rod, and you're going to catch fish.
Important quality when hunting large fish is patience. Often it happens that while playing fish fish enters the seaweed. To pull from them problematic. In this case, trust nature: release the fish, so she felt free, and trusting being obediently itself out of algae. Then you can continue playing.