Price is responsible for the quality
Real cognac will not be cheap. It is expensive, or very expensive. It depends on what the age of the cognac, of which province cognacs, how many are involved in a particular blend. If we talk about this cognac, it is produced exclusively in the Cognac region. The specified manufacturer with a contract with the cognac houses of France, removes all doubt that this cognac is fake. This does not include cognacs of Georgia, Armenia or the Crimea, as most often it is brandy.

The taste of cognac of high quality should be fragrant with hints of vanilla. Its unique flavor is achieved by storing in oak barrels.
What will tell label
A mandatory attribute of label is the word "Cognac".

Carefully glued the label should contain all the necessary information: the address of the manufacturer, the contacts of the offices, the capacity of the bottle, GOST, date of bottling, and strength, number of stars. The whole text should be written in the language of the corresponding country or in English, it indicates the high quality of cognac.
That will tell the accuracy label? Most cognac houses, the cognac producing good quality, labeled with the help of special rollers with glue, but not self-adhesive. To determine how pasted label just. A bottle rolls on its side and evaluated the reverse side of the sticker, it needs to be uneven strips with some glue stains.
The density of the beverage
Another method of testing brandy for the quality – its thickness. After turning the bottle upside down with the bottom should drop one heavy drop, which will indicate the desired consistency of the drink. If you pour a small amount of brandy in a glass and turn the glass around its axis, and then return to the upright position, it is a good drink to leave the "crown" from the drip legs. The remains of the cognac some time will leave a mark on the glass walls.
Cognac can be attributed to the drinks, which in moderation bring to human health. However, unfortunately, today there is a huge number of fakes of this drink. Perhaps the above features and methods of checking the quality of brandy will help to make the right choice and not to be disappointed in the purchase.