Advice 1: How to determine the authenticity of cognac

No doubt, brandy is noble. The name of this drink was given in honor of the French city of Cognac, in this city, it connects the historical past of creation. Brandy is strong (40-60% alcohol) is manufactured from ethyl alcohol by the distillation of dry white wines and aged in oak barrels for about three years.
In Russia it became a tradition to eat a lemon brandy (the founder was Nicholas II). In other countries it's served with apples, grapes, chocolate and dried fruits. The color of the cognac amber-Golden and he is considered one of the finest and most elite of the many brandy. Cognac is not customary to drink vodka, sipping it, enjoying the delicious and delicate aroma.
What are the ways to distinguish the real from the fake brandy?
Here are some useful tips that will help to protect yourself from low quality brandy, but will help you to enjoy the harmony of taste and aroma of this noble drink.
How to determine the authenticity of cognac
Price is responsible for the quality
Real cognac will not be cheap. It is expensive, or very expensive. It depends on what the age of the cognac, of which province cognacs, how many are involved in a particular blend. If we talk about this cognac, it is produced exclusively in the Cognac region. The specified manufacturer with a contract with the cognac houses of France, removes all doubt that this cognac is fake. This does not include cognacs of Georgia, Armenia or the Crimea, as most often it is brandy.

The taste of cognac of high quality should be fragrant with hints of vanilla. Its unique flavor is achieved by storing in oak barrels.
What will tell label
A mandatory attribute of label is the word "Cognac".

Carefully glued the label should contain all the necessary information: the address of the manufacturer, the contacts of the offices, the capacity of the bottle, GOST, date of bottling, and strength, number of stars. The whole text should be written in the language of the corresponding country or in English, it indicates the high quality of cognac.
That will tell the accuracy label? Most cognac houses, the cognac producing good quality, labeled with the help of special rollers with glue, but not self-adhesive. To determine how pasted label just. A bottle rolls on its side and evaluated the reverse side of the sticker, it needs to be uneven strips with some glue stains.
The density of the beverage
Another method of testing brandy for the quality – its thickness. After turning the bottle upside down with the bottom should drop one heavy drop, which will indicate the desired consistency of the drink. If you pour a small amount of brandy in a glass and turn the glass around its axis, and then return to the upright position, it is a good drink to leave the "crown" from the drip legs. The remains of the cognac some time will leave a mark on the glass walls.
Cognac can be attributed to the drinks, which in moderation bring to human health. However, unfortunately, today there is a huge number of fakes of this drink. Perhaps the above features and methods of checking the quality of brandy will help to make the right choice and not to be disappointed in the purchase.

Advice 2 : How to distinguish the real from the fake brandy

It is very difficult today to buy in the store real cognac. You can forge everything: labels, bottles, and contents. That's a shame to pay an expensive wine boutique for a bottle of cheap alcohol, infused with oak sawdust and poured in a bottle brand. You should learn to know the real brandyto enjoy it.
How to distinguish the real from the fake brandy
You will need
  • brandy glass in pear shape with wide bottom and narrow top.
It is important to remember that wearing the proud name of "brandy" have the right only drinks wine distillates made just two world regions: the French region of Charente (city of Cognac, Jarnac, Segonzac) in Armenia. All other drinks, made by technology of cognac brandy. Including those produced in the former Soviet Union. Brandy these spirits are called only in the domestic market on the basis of trade agreements.
Therefore, look at a label indicating the manufacturer. It is easy to find in the Internet the producers of this brandy. If the name specified on the label is not in the list of licensed producers of cognacand, you should consider need to buy this bottle.
Pay attention to the price. Real good cognac cannot be cheap. Particular suspicion should cause "aged cognac" at a low price. Brandy, marked KV or X. O., is aged in oak barrels for 6 years, and the price matches the quality.
If the appearance of the bottle does not cause you suspicion and details of the manufacturer are true, it's time to look closely at the content. Turn it upside down and see how the cognac trickling down the walls. Real aged cognac reserves a distinct trail that can be seen with the tracks like syrup.
If the liquid inside flows from, and on the bottle says "aged 8 years in oak barrels", then you are fake.
Proceed to measure the beverage.
Pour into a special glass little brandy. Touch your finger to the outer glass of the glass below the level of the drink. Then look at the fingerprint through the glass and cognac.
If the trace is clearly visible, so before you quality alcoholic beverage that does not contain impurities.
Now swirl the cognac in the glass and watch for footprints remaining on the glass walls.
The longer the cognac trickling down the walls, the older it is. Cognac five to eight years of exposure leaves a mark, visible for 5 seconds. Traces of cognacand about 20 years old, visible on the walls for 15 seconds. The "old" cognac50 years and older run down my glass for 20 seconds.
Finally, pour a drop of cognacand empty glass. Rotate the glass so that the liquid is uniformly "smeared" along the walls. Shake to remove excess moisture and bring to his nose. Good cognac is characterized by a variety of different flavors that change each other. Flavors better the older the cognac. Can you fake the color and density of the drink, and even any note of the smell that is present in brandyE. But to convey the combination of scents, to gather them together - is impossible.
Counterfeit cognac does not change its flavor is not "revealed" in the process of evaporation.

Advice 3 : How to distinguish a good cognac

Cognac is a truly noble drink. To date, however, no one is immune from acquiring much less quality product masquerading as the original. To prevent tampering, the purchase of brandy should be guided by a few basic rules.
How to distinguish a good cognac
To distinguish the real from the fake brandy, pay attention primarily on the price of the drink. A good cognac will never be inexpensive. "Aged cognac" at a low price is the first reason to doubt its quality.
Read the label. First of all, look at her appearance. The label should be carefully, symmetrically glued on the bottle. Swipe it with your fingers (on touch brand label is reminiscent of a money bill). Now read the content label, which should include information on the duration of exposure, brand, manufacturer etc.
Slowly turn the bottle upside down and note how the drain the drink. If the glass visible traces of flowing liquid on it or from the bottom of the bottle drops a thick drop - so, the brandy of sufficient quality. The longer drains the cognac, the older it is.
Note the air bubbles that will crawl up as soon as you turn the bottle with brandy. If at first appear larger and then smaller bubbles, you can not doubt the quality of the drink.
Pour a little brandy into the glass and twist it, so that the liquid is evenly spread on the walls. Then remove excess moisture by shaking the glass, and bring it to his nose. Real brandy includes a surprising variety of odors. Inhaling vapors, you will feel the subtle transitions of successive flavors. The older the cognac, the richer their combination.
Pour the brandy into the glass ("Tulip") and touch your finger to the vessel wall (outer side) is slightly below the level of the drink. Then look at the print through a full glass. If you see a clear footprint, that means your glass of real cognac without impurities.
Useful advice
Tilt the glass and then put it in a vertical position. If the traces do not disappear from the walls for 5 seconds before brandy 5-8 years of aging. If 15 seconds – then the cognac is aged for about 20 years. Traces of cognacs over 50 years of age can stay stay on average for 20 seconds.

Advice 4 : How to distinguish the real Armenian cognac

In accordance with the applicable 1909 French law "cognac" are spirits obtained by distillation of grape wine and, most importantly, made in the Cognac region in France. Other strong drink is brandy, Armagnac, etc. of Armenian brandy in the former Soviet Union called cognac. He, like other elite drinks made according to cognac technology, has distinctive features.
How to distinguish the real Armenian cognac
You will need
  • - a bottle of cognac;
  • glass.
The most popular brands of Armenian brandy "Nairi" (extract 20), "Ararat", "Select" (this is the first-born of Armenian brandies), "Akhtamar", "Noy Vlastelin", "IKE"", "Yubileiniy" and "Holiday". Among the producers of Armenian brandy can be, the Yerevan brandy factory, company Great Valley and Yerevan brandy-wine factory.
All Armenian cognacs are classified as vintage and ordinary. Ordinary include the following spirits: "three-stars" (made with alcohol three years of exposure), "four stars" (extract alcohol not less than four years) and "five stars" (alcohol extracts of five). Vintage Armenian brandy: cognacs aged (KV) from spirits aged 6-7 years aged brandy high quality (KVVK) of alcohol with 8-10 years of aging, the cognac old (KS) using a decade of alcohol, very old cognac (OS) and collection of Armenian cognac.
Make sure that before you do the Armenian cognac, even in the store. The legendary Armenian brandy produced by the Yerevan brandy company, poured into branded bottles dark green color. In this case the glass must be without defects and inclusions.
Please note on the cork: the bottle cap should be gold. It must be a logo of the manufacturer, and over it another transparent logo with protective hologram. Turn the bottle on its bottom must be pressed the inscription "ArArAt".
Look at the top label: it must be stated the name of the cognac and its exposure, and on her indelible paint applied computer nadbavka, which indicates the date of bottling of the beverage and the first three letters of his name.
Move the eyes on the bottom label. It should contain the following information: the words "Armenian cognac", the company logo and the name of the liquor in Russian and Armenian languages. Under the title must indicate the manufacturer - Yerevan brandy factory.
But that's not all: take a look at the back label. It must contain the following information: a legend that linked directly with this brand of Armenian brandy, its name, address of the manufacturer information and also a barcode.
All ordinary Armenian brandy produced by the company Great Valley, bottled in a frosted bottle. Look at the label: it in large letters, should be made the inscription "Armenian cognac", which apply the company's logo – a lion. Please note the back label: it must be specified by the manufacturer (Great Valley), and exclusive provider of the Armenian elite drinks in Russia - TD "rusimport".
To check the authenticity of the offer you of Armenian brandy in the tasting. Pour in a glass of cognac, and slightly inclining the glass, rotate it around the axis. Watch carefully for traces that leaves behind on the walls of glass of this beverage.
If the drink slowly runs down the sides of the bowl leaving a smooth trace, so before you quality Armenian cognac. The footprints left in the glass for five seconds, talking about the fact that cognac 5-8 years of aging. If footprints are visible for 15 seconds – you have purchased a brandy for about 20 years.
The aroma of authentic Armenian brandy is a sophisticated palette, combining the smell of vanilla, almonds and juicy grapes. The taste of this luxury drink is slightly tart, but very soft.
Remember: the legendary Armenian brandy can not be cheap!
Useful advice
Armenian brandy chocolates, coffee, cheese slices and large juicy grapes.

Advice 5 : How to choose a real Armenian cognac with the purchase

Though the word "cognac" and is entitled to be the only drink given in the French province, but the store is still referred to as all drinks are made according to cognac technology. Aged in oak barrels grape alcohol cognac, the drink is quite exquisite and expensive – it often brings in the form of a gift that already speaks about its status, but often counterfeited. Good affordable cognacs are produced in Armenia, but they are when you buy in the store are often counterfeit.
How to choose a real Armenian cognac with the purchase

What are the Armenian brandies

Unlike French brandies, an excerpt of which are marked with obscure letters: V. S., V. S. O. P., V. O., V. V. S. O. P., X. O., etc., Armenian cognacs are classified according to this parameter only into three categories: ordinary, vintage and collection.

Exposure of ordinary cognacs are indicated by asterisks: 1 year – 1 star. The minimum aging period of the cognac this "age group" 3 years, maximum of not less than 5 years. Age of vintage cognacs marked with letters. If the bottle says "KV - aged brandy, this means that before bottling it languished in oak barrels for at least 6 years. In the case when his "imprisonment" lasted for at least 8 years on the bottle says "KVVK - cognac sustained the highest quality. The letters "CS" - brandy old – they say that the drink is aged for at least 10 years, and "OS" is very old – at least 20 years. The collector's cognacs are older than 20 years of additional aging in barrels or in bottles for at least 3 years.

In store to distinguish the real Armenian cognac from a fake

Unfortunately, the main part of the famous cognac brands sold in quantities several times greater than what is stated in the records of the manufacturers. Are no exception and Armenian cognac. Choosing a beverage in the store, where has no possibility to evaluate its palatability, the first note on the bottle. Made of glass, it is, nevertheless, must look quite "dapper", no chips or cracks. Branded bottles with vintage and collectible brandy glass is decorated with a logo-print manufacturer.

The printing quality of labels has to be perfect – good quality paper, colors are bright, the letters are clear. The label should be glued over the entire surface, through it should not be visible glue. Inspect the tube – it should sit tight and damage on it are excluded. An indirect confirmation of the authenticity can serve as the match specified on the label or carton of the places where the cognac was made and bottled.

Cognac, especially aged, has a fairly high density. So, if you take the bottle in hand, and sharply turn it upside down, the liquid should not flow down the walls, and the dense mass to separate from the bottle of the day. Thus up must first rise of large air bubbles and then smaller is the density of the drink.
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