Version about the meaning of the stripes

In recent years, consumers are increasingly interested in what they are buying. They study the composition of the package and try to choose the most safe product. People's attention was attracted by the mysterious stripes on the seams of the tubes. In the Internet appeared the information that supposedly the green stripe on the tube indicates all natural product, whereas black indicates the presence of chemical and harmful ingredients. There are also assumptions about what the red bar indicates a threat to the health of the paste or cream or something natural and chemical ingredients it contains equally. But this information has nothing to do with reality.

Why the need for labels

Actually stripes of any color is just a marker, required for the production of tubes at the factory. Ribbon (material for tubes) on the conveyor enters the machine, which cuts away a portion of the tape minimizes this cut, fuse or glue the edges and so on to the semis, poured into a toothpaste or cream, and then sealed the top seam where you would normally put the date of manufacture and shelf life. Paint mark needs to accurately indicate where the machine needs to make the cut.

Documentation for packaging machinery requires that svetolika was contrasting against the main background of the packaging - then the photosensor will be able to identify her. Ideally, the white tube is a black mark. If, for example, a black paint that will be used maximum contrast with the background color. Thus, for svetlomety usually choose the color, one of the available when you print a matched colouring and design and the most contrast with the background of the tube.
Typically, the barcode and stripes, svetlomety printed one color.

Horizontal tags are used to print on laminate, roll the canvas to the exact cutting height. And the vertical stripes is needed when soldering the tip of the tube for accurate positioning to spike parallel text and image.
It is not necessary to look for some hidden meaning in the color of the stripes on the tubes.

Thus, the colored markers is the only technological feature of the manufacture of tubes of the conveyor belt. Not by chance characteristic stripes are precisely the tubes, and bottles or jars are missing.