There are some rules that must be followed when creating the nature area in the kindergarten. For example, it is impossible to plant poisonous or thorny plants. The same applies to animals. The inhabitants of such area should be safe for children. When creating a natural garden need to focus on the age of the children, for which he will be created.

The nature area for the younger group

It is recommended to put not more than 5 houseplants with colorful foliage and flowers. This will be an additional teaching element for children. Flowers are the best to put on a convenient low table, so the boys were able to get a good look. In addition, in the younger group, it is possible to hang on the wall of the natural landscape, which will be shown now year with possible rainfall and other characteristics.

The nature area for the middle group

For the children of the middle group, you can add 1-2 of flower. Under the supervision of adults to trust children to take care of plants - watering them. Another important element of nature for this age - calendar weather. Children will be able to note the state of the weather every day, coming home from a walk.

The nature area for the older group

In the older group can be up to 9 plants. Here they can be placed not only on tables but also at different heights. Plants can be both simple and curly. Except for the colors here is also useful weather calendar. But guys this age are already able not only to note the weather condition, but to count the cloudy and Sunny days. Thus, in addition to develop mathematical skills.

Area of nature for the preparatory group

Here for the children much more care of plants. They can not only water them, but also with adults to replace them. Calendar weather must be present with children of the preparatory group. Children of this age can also mark different weather phenomena and calculate cloudy and Sunny days.

Besides all this nature, you can place the aquarium with the animals. For the kids it can be a toy sea creatures. The back wall of the aquarium can be issued the film with the image of the fish. And in groups of secondary and senior guys in the aquarium can accommodate a small ornamental pet, like a Guinea pig. But before you start it, you need to make sure that none of the children are not allergic to animal fur.