How to use a catheter Pezzer

Catheters may vary in length, they are made of different materials: metal, plastic, rubber. It is important that the instruments were sterile and did not cause inflammation in the cavity of the organs, which are introduced. Most often catheters are used in urology to ensure the outflow of urine from the bladder. For this purpose, use a catheter Pezzer. This tool is often used in childbirth to release the bladder of a woman. A full bladder can interfere with the normal passage of the child through the birth canal.

The catheter Pezzer made of rubber, and his end has extension and 2 holes. The tool is introduced in the following way. The area around the urethra is treated with a disinfectant solution. In channel insert the probe so that the catheter stretched at the end. Then the tool is introduced into the urethra, then the probe is removed and the catheter is straightened by yourself.

It is necessary to introduce the catheter Pezzer to a depth of 6 cm, so its end was located at a sufficient distance from the urethra and bladder. If the tool is inserted too deep, its end will touch the top of the bladder, as a result of the outflow of urine is not. If the catheter is to be introduced deep enough, it can cause the hyperreflexia of the bladder. Pizzera remove the catheter by pushing on the walls of the urethra.

How to put a subclavian catheter

Subclavian catheter put in inaccessibility of peripheral veins for infusion therapy, if necessary in multiple and intensive therapy during long operations with large blood loss. Also it is used in need of parenteral nutrition, if necessary in the control and diagnostic studies.

In preparation for catheterization of the subclavian vein of the patient laid on the operating table with the head end lowered to 15 grams. This is necessary to prevent air embolism. The operative field is treated with 2 times 2% solution of iodine, to impose a sterile napkin and again treated with 70% ethyl alcohol.

The patient receives local anesthesia. Then a needle with a syringe catheterization is performed puncture of the skin, pulling on the piston creates vacuum. At the entrance to the subclavian vein in the syringe blood appears. Next, the needle is got another 2-3 mm. Then the syringe is removed, the entrance to the needle closed with a finger.

Is put through the needle guide, the needle is removed, and a catheter to a depth of 6-8 cm After removing the conductor, the doctor monitors the presence of the catheter in Vienna on the flow of blood in the syringe. Catheter is then washed and connect the infusion system or close it with a sterile rubber stopper.