You will need
  • Syringe.
  • Novocaine or saline.
  • Cefazolin.
  • The instructions of the doctor.
Cefazolin is administered intravenously and intramuscularly. Children prescribed intramuscular injection. For this purpose it is diluted with specially prepared water for injections or novocaine. Children up to 18 years the drug is not recommended to dilute novocaine for its contraindications.

The novocaine can cause a change in the composition of blood, the deterioration of the functioning of the digestive system, failure of the cardiac rhythm, pain in the sternum.
If the child has a kidney infection, or he is prone to allergies, you should inform the doctor. Since the drug can cause allergies and adversely affects the kidneys.

The dosage regimen set individually, taking into account the severity of the disease and susceptibility.
Believe per kilogram of body weight of the child. Mostly children are diluted with 0.5 grams of the drug in 5 milliliters of saline. Typed in a syringe 3.5 ml and injected. The average daily dose for a child 25-50mg/kg of body weight. In severe disease the dose may be increased to 100mg/kg of body weight.
If, nevertheless, your child has prescribed Cefazolin with novocaine, it is necessary in an outpatient procedure to remove a sample for sensitivity to novocaine. If an allergic reaction was not - the drug can be injected.