Why guess

Divination is a kind of form of leisure. It is possible to conjecture on a specific event in the future in General or in the next days. Positive predictions at guessing can significantly lift the spirits.

First you need to understand that divination is not to be trusted one hundred percent. Even if you receive unwanted predictions, it all depends on you. The result of the divination is only a warning, not an inevitability. But the positive predictions will make you smile and believe in yourself.

Select what you want to guess. On the cards, runes, playing dice or book of changes. You can use all ways at once.

Tarot cards

To learn how to read Tarot cards, buy a regular playing deck of 36 or 52 sheets. But you can buy Tarot cards if you wish to use this form of card divination.

In the Tarot deck, most likely, there are nested for divination. Carefully read the instructions, you can begin to guess.

But the ways of balance playing cards set. This "Gypsy" and "Divination on the event, and the balance of Mary Lenormand. The methods of divination on the maps described in many books on divination. To learn how to read Tarot playing cards, you should buy this book.

Divination on the runes

To learn how to read runes, you can start with the most simple method. Look in any book or journal the image of the runes and their meanings. Make yourself a rune deck: draw on paper and cut out, or make a deck out of wood.

Concentrate and ask the runes a question you. Pull from the deck one rune. View the meaning of the runes. It will be the answer to your question.

Guessing on the book of changes

Since ancient times the book of changes had a special significance. After all, this book can give a complete answer to the question.

There is a very simple method of divination by the book of changes. This method of divination is described in the "Book of changes" and thematic books, calendars, etc.

Take three coins. Ask the book of changes questions. Throw coins one at a time or all together. If left two or three heads, draw on a sheet solid horizontal line. If there were two or three "tails" - a discontinuous line. Throw the coins 6 times. The lines draw from the bottom up. In the end it should be six horizontal lines.

The interpretation is based on comparison of the upper and lower lines. Interpretation of the results of this divination can be found in the "Book of changes" or manuals on divination.