When choosing a deck, it is better to stay on the cardboard cards. The deck must be new and used only for divination.
Store it in a cardboard box and don't let anybody hold. First, you need to read the value of each individual card, to learn the basic types of layouts, learn to read combination and the neighborhood cards, to interpret them open roads (each road leads to a meeting with a certain force).
With persistent practice, after six months you completely learn the initial level.
The first time, be sure to use the interpreter, it will not only tell you the value of the cards and suits, but also offer simple layouts.
It is believed that the suit of hearts (hearts), dropping out, describe feelings of love, friendship. Bubba – lifestyle, usually mild time trouble. Peaks, by contrast, the promise of sorrow and failure, they may lie deception and deceit. Suit the cross fall if required, decision-making, it is a card of power and money.
To do this professionally, we need not only experience, but also genetic predisposition, according to experts.
Because each nation has preserved its tradition of divination by cards, to join it can only be the most representative of this tradition. If you are not, try to find a decent teacher, whose experience is rooted in the mists of time, and prove he can become a worthy receiver.