There is a bruise under the nail

Nail hematoma is formed in the result of a severe blow or injury of the limb when there is a rupture of subcutaneous capillaries and blood vessels. The bruise under the toenails, usually occurs from hitting hard objects in the process of walking, occasional falling to his feet heavy things that pinched her toes by the door, long wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes. The presence of bruising indicates severe pain, posinenie and sometimes blackening of the nail.

What should I do to avoid nail hematoma

If you injure the nail plate, first place your finger under the strong jet of cold water. In the first minutes after impact can be applied to the bruised place of ice, wrapped in a thick cloth. The time of exposure to ice in such cases – about 4-5 minutes, then break (approximately 15 minutes), and again cold compresses until then, until you cease acute pain. These measures will help slow the blood flow, and will facilitate the natural resorption of hematomas.

Required action in cases of injury of the nail plate is the thorough disinfection of the bruised places. Moisten a piece of cotton sadowym solution and gently treat the nail and the skin next to it. If affected not only the nail, but and a hand, draw on the brush iodine grid.

Trauma nails on the toes, experts recommend to refrain from wearing any Shoe for 2-3 days, or you can wear a roomy Shoe, which allows blood to circulate normally in the extremities. Severe pain at the site of injury, be sure to consult a specialist, because along with the nail plate can be damaged bone.

How to remove bruising under a nail

To cope with a small hematoma is quite possible at home. To do this, carefully disinfect the nail with iodine or alcohol. Then treat with alcohol and a large sharp needle, and then calcined it over an open flame. Pierce the nail plate in the Central part of the bruise with a hot needle tip. From the resulting holes will drain out the accumulated blood. Carefully remove it with a cotton swab. Nail seal with medical tape. Conduct all manipulations only in cases where the bruise under the nail is less than half of its area. If the hematoma is extensive and painful, seek help in TRAVMPUNKT, where specialists will help to cope with the problem.