There are a number of exercises aimed at relaxation of the muscles of the legs. Raise your bent legs, wiggle it in the air, relax muscles, free lower legson the floor. The same do the second legsOh. Bend your legsat the knee, try to get a heel to the buttocks. Relax and lower the legs. The same do the second legsOh. Clasp your hands and legsfrom below the knee, lift it up, relax and shake hands and leg. Release the hands and place the feeton the floor. Then repeat with the other footOh.
The following exercises may be noted as a relaxation through tension. Sit on a chair so that its edge fell on the folds of the buttocks. Spread your legsand to relax musclesin the thigh part. Put the Shin perpendicular to the floor. If you still feel the tension in the legs, slide the foot forward 5 cm to the disappearance of stress.
Lie on your back on the Mat, if you are in the gym, or on a bed, sofa. Put your head under a low pillow or folded arms. Position feet shoulder width apart. While socks will disperse to the sides. Relax your legsI.
Very useful exercise, which, sitting on a chair exactly need to put the foot on the floor. Pull the socks up without lifting heel from the floor, and then try to put pressure socks on the floor, again without lifting the heel. Relax your legsI.
Sitting on a chair, extend legsforward and parallel to the shoulders. Raise your legsstraight, fully straight knees, hold and then lower. Let feetam to rest. These exercises allow you to not just relax musclesbut to feel, what kind of load you get by doing a particular exercise.