Every day in Russia is registered 9-25 thousand calls a medical emergency, the cause of which is acute myocardial infarction. About 40% of Russians die from this disease. Should know about the factors that influence its emergence and characteristics of the preinfarction state.

The reason for the sorry state origin — stop the flow of blood through coronary vessels to the heart. The emergence of such problems mean the risk of attack heart attack, to prevent which it is necessary to conduct treatment.

Fortunately, this man is not only in life but in health. Therefore, the attitude must be appropriate. A young man of age can have a fulfilling, well-being, if it is to perform certain actions. These include prevention of a heart attack are needed to reduce the risk of developing this serious disease.

Causes of heart attack

The most common "fault" of such a disease is atherosclerosis. When this blood clot forms a few days or weeks. To cover large vessels often require more than one year. There are a number of factors that can contribute to heart attack:
• Genetic predisposition (moved cardiovascular disease even one blood relative).
• Statistics of heart attack indicates a greater likelihood of developing in men.
• In women older than 50 years, however, a heart attack is more often than the opposite sex.
• One of the frequent causes of the disease is Smoking.
• People with diabetes are more prone to the occurrence of a heart attack.
• Overweight and inactive lifestyle.
• Frequent depression, anxiety, stress.
• High level of cholesterol in the blood.
• Hypertension is also a contributing factor in heart attack.

In the case of the presence of even one reason in his way of life should be amended. The first three factors cannot be changed. But monitor cholesterol levels, blood sugar and blood pressure can and should be, and to give up Smoking, lead a more active lifestyle and to reduce weight.

It is necessary to understand the benefit and importance of some simple steps. Daily walk about three kilometers in the fresh air, tranquility and restraint helps to preserve health.

Signs sorry state

The harbinger will be made in first time stroke. Heart pain occur longer and heavier than those people who were suffering from "angina pectoris" earlier. Indicative of a symptom of the sorry state it is possible to consider the ineffectiveness of nitroglycerin.

In addition, the symptom of this disease, says the change in the indicators of the medical study ECG. Coincidence data analysis using stroke means a high likelihood of myocardial infarction. To determine this risk, проводитсябиохимическоеисследование blood.

Some of the signs manifested in humans, may indicate a pre-stroke condition. The most common of these are:
- pain behind the breastbone;
- excessive palpitations;
- shortness of breath;
- cold sweat;
- pallor of the skin;
- General weakness.

If there is a suspected heart attack, you should immediately take action. Required to contact an ambulance. Then give the patient drugs to thin the blood. Effective for this purpose is aspirin. If there is a risk of myocardial infarction nitroglycerin is used, but only for patients who are not suffering from low blood pressure.