Advice 1: How to update linoleum

Linoleum is a practical floor covering, but it is under the influence of various adverse factors are able to lose its original attractive appearance. There are some techniques that help to update this finishing material.
How to update linoleum
You will need
  • - milk;
  • water;
  • - special postmark;
  • woolen cloth;
  • brush;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • - vodka;
  • - scouring powders;
  • potato water;
  • - gasoline or kerosene.
First, determine what is in front of you linoleum — natural, made from sawdust and linseed oil, or its artificial substitute of PVC-materials. Make it easy: natural material a natural oil fragrance, artificial — sharp smell of cloth. On the underside of the linoleum visible fabric, similar to coarse sackcloth. Have a PVC coating, this framework represents a foam layer, like a sponge. Artificial linoleum is easily bent, it is soft and pliable, natural linoleum is hard as plywood, and it is impossible to bend.
If you have linoleum, to update its appearance, every six months use a special mastic coating. This should be done using a soft, better wool, cloth and a few brushes.
To linoleum retained as long as possible to its original appearance immediately after laying the cover it special, repelling dirt, composition and Polish. Do this operation three or four times a year.
Caring for linoleum, vacuum it and wipe with a damp cloth. Liquid soap is not recommended.
If the linoleum is badly faded after many years of use, prepare a solution of equal parts water and milk and thoroughly clean them floors.
If your faux linoleum in the course of its operation showed a white film, try to remove it by means of the Cif, Silit, etc. Carefully clean the most contaminated region or Comet powder "pemolyuks".
If contamination is very strong and is not susceptible to the effects of detergents, prepare the following ingredients: mix 50 g of powder Comet, two liters of water and 200 grams of vodka. Wipe with this mixture the problem areas, then rinse the floor with clean water. This recipe is only suitable for artificial linoleum.
Get stains from coffee, iodine, or a felt tip pen with a surface of linoleum with a small amount of kerosene, gasoline or turpentine. But keep in mind that these substances are harmful for the coating, use them in minimal doses.
To return the luster, both artificial and natural linoleum, wipe it with water, which boiled potatoes. It should be slightly warm and unsalted.
Embossed linoleum can be cleaned of dirt with a detergent cleaner.

Advice 2: How to put linoleum on a concrete floor

Almost all high-rise buildings builders laid the linoleum directly on the concrete floor. Quality laying linoleumand depends on the quality of the cement floorsinstead of underneath it. How floorto revive linoleum on concrete floors?
How to put linoleum on a concrete floor
To clean up the floorand cement mortar, you need to start to cover it. On the floor isnot free of debris and cement dust. Then, using long smooth slats check for smooth surface floors. If necessary, knock the excess layer of cement mortar using ordinary chisel orgenderthread troughs with mortar of cement and sand, which take in the ratio 1:3. After you floor iscompletely leveled the surface of the floorand can be engaged in laying the new linoleum. Sometimes people are placed first, the old, and on top of it new linoleum.
Then you can go to the store and purchase the linoleum. He must lie down for some time at home. After that it can be cut out and lay on the floor. When cutting linoleumbut be sure to consider racesgenderogenie the floorof Autun in the room. If linoleum mramorovidnyj or monochrome, then you need to put in the direction of light. Thus, it will be racesgenderto aghatise perpendicular to the outer walls. Such a stacking allows you to better hide the seams. The floor is a monolith. If you decide to lay on the floor linoleumthat has a figure, his pieces have racesgenderto agate in the longitudinal direction of the room. They should be parallel to the outer walls with the obligatory strict convergence pattern.
Now in DIY stores you can choose the linoleum, which has a different width and length. Commercially available linoleum of different widths. If you have the room is small, then it's best just to lay on the floor a piece of linoleum. Thus, gender will be no joints. If the room has a large area, and to find linoleum of the desired width is simply impossible, then you need to put several pieces. However, the joints should not be at the center of the room. At the center of the room, that is, its axis of symmetry, laid the whole floorOSU — wall to wall, and on the remaining sides two small area not covered linoleumOhm, from the same exact floorwasps to cut out two narrow floorsof otna so that the pattern at the joints the floorAutun floorcompletely coincided.

Advice 3: Environmentally friendly linoleum

Today, the construction market has a wide choice of materials for flooring, so buyers have the opportunity to purchase really high quality and environmentally friendly. One such material is linoleum, which, unfortunately, little known and not very popular with Russian consumers.
Environmentally friendly linoleum

What is linoleum

Little-known fact that linoleum is one of the first flooring that people use for decorating their homes. Many people think that it is a synthetic material that appeared only in the last century. But it's not. The word "linoleum" is derived from the Latin "linum oleum" – linseed oil. It is made by soaking natural canvas with linseed oil and causing the top protective layer from a mixture of resin and beeswax.

The linoleum, which adorned the floors in the apartments of Soviet citizens, already bore little resemblance to its prototype, from natural materials he has only jute based. It can hardly be called environmentally friendly – it was flammable, and the slightest heat began to allocate into the environment of harmful chemicals.

Technology of production of linoleum

Natural linoleum with eco-friendly modern materials and latest technology long produced in the West. It includes: a wood or cork flour, natural resin of conifers, fine lime and linseed oil, a smell which is the main characteristic of this flooring.
Natural linoleum has a different thickness - from 2 to 4 mm. Than it is thicker, the greater the operating load can withstand.

The listed ingredients are mixed into a homogeneous mass, which then remains in the ripening and aged in special tanks for weeks. After that, it added dyes, which dye pellets, resulting from the oxidation of linseed oil. The technology allows to obtain colored granules at any concentration and in any proportions, which gives the opportunity to implement the most intricate of color and decorative solutions.

Then painted the mixture passes the first stage of compression in a calender machine, jute laid on the Foundation and again pressed. If the thickness of the colored layer were equal to 5 cm, in the final phase it decreases to 2 mm. Finished sheets are dried in drying chambers for another two weeks and then covered with a primer treatment to increase the service life and protects the linoleum from wear. In conclusion, on the surface of the leaves is applied to another protective layer and cut sheets on a roll of tape or a square tile.
Wash clean linoleum need in the same way as conventional flooring.

Applying the natural linoleum

Because this flooring is characterized by high ecological, biological and antistatic properties, it is recommended to use as floor covering in children's rooms and bedrooms. Its additional advantages are good sound absorbing and insulating properties.

Advice 4: How to restore Shine to linoleum

A huge range of flooring not replaced the linoleum out of fashion. Many believe that he too quickly loses its appeal. To linoleum long kept its perfect appearance are in excellent condition, he needs a gentle, proper care, because often after a year or two, he gradually lost its luster.
How to restore Shine to linoleum

Causes of loss of gloss

Ordinary wear and care of linoleum is quite a stiff brush – one of the reasons for the rapid loss of Shine. This leads to the fact that the protective layer loses its quality, and thus the initial brightness. Need to pick up the brush as gently as possible, because loss of the protective layer will lead to the destruction of linoleum.

The use of improper cleaning agents after a time dissolves the linoleum. For example, kerosene, it removes the stubborn stains but at the same time destroys the flooring, which contributes to its rapid wear.

How to give original luster

Shine has lost form linoleum can be, above all, well after washing it. In this case, you need to mix warm water with milk in the ratio of one to one. Wash them several times. The result will not keep itself waiting long. The coating not only cleanses, but will gain its original Shine. However, this procedure should be repeated frequently, which is not very practical.

To restore the gloss on longer, it is recommended to wash the linoleum with soapy solution of warm water and thoroughly dry it. The next stage should be rubbed with natural linseed oil, using a soft woolen rag. It is also allowed to apply the Polish, or the polishing of the two layers. This method it is advisable to check beforehand on a separate piece of linoleum or unapproachable. The frequency of application of this method one to two times per month. After application it is necessary to keep the coating from any kind of impact at least 10 hours.

Different quality linoleum doesn't respond well to contact with hot water. This is very detrimental for him. The high temperature destroys the luster, destroys its structure and it might just crumble. The best option is dry cleaning. You can buy special dry wipes for linoleum. It is very convenient and practical.

To care for linoleum mastic possible. It should be purchased at the hardware store. The use of mastic will restore luster, and strengthen protective layer. Before applying you need to carefully examine its manual.

Wash the linoleum need to be constantly with the special tools that you can buy in any household shop. And he will always be shining. In residential premises, to make such cleaning should at least once in six months.

Advice 5: Than to wash the linoleum after repair

Elimination of consequences of residential repair – quite troublesome task. It is particularly difficult to clean up the linoleum and peel it off spray paint, mortar or whitewash. Enhance the effect of the use of detergents will help some substances widely used in everyday life.
Cleaning linoleum
The situation when washed after the repair linoleum tarnish, again covered with a white coating and stains from the wash, or lose brightness of color, unfortunately, occurs quite often. This means that when cleaning used or aggressive household chemicals, or detergents did not meet the requirements of the care of such flooring.

Plaque removal from cement mixtures

Primary washing of the linoleum from the traces of plaster, painting or priming is carried out with clean warm water with a small addition in a bucket of soap and 5-6 tablespoons of regular table salt. It is not recommended to wash the floors with very hot water – this leads to the fact that the linoleum is losing its luster and brightness.

As an alternative, a detergent is not less effective in dealing with white splotches and a touch is potassium permanganate. A small amount of potassium permanganate is added to a bucket of warm water, stir until dissolved. The water in the bucket it is recommended to change as often as you can, otherwise get rid of white stains on the linoleum will not work. Together with water every time it is desirable to change the cloth for washing floors.

If the contamination resulting from fixation are not amenable to washing with salt and potassium permanganate in a bucket of water, you can add a small amount of kerosene. This composition effectively removes traces of cement mixtures, but leaves a rather sharp odor. To neutralize the smell of kerosene helps wash the linoleum with water, which added a few tablespoons of ordinary vinegar.

Once the flooring is clean washed, it is dried and thoroughly rubbed with a woolen cloth dipped in linseed oil or linseed oil – this returns the linoleum Shine. If there is no oil or linseed oil, to give freshness and brightness to the coating a mixture of milk and water, taken in equal quantities.

Removing traces of paint

To remove linoleum stains of paint not recommended to use baking soda and alkaline detergent for removal of paint coatings – these funds not only have a negative impact on the appearance flooring, but also make it fragile and brittle.

If the paint is still quite fresh, they can be moistened with vegetable oil to soften, and then try to remove by mechanical means – using a narrow trowel or stiff brush. All manipulations for the removal of paint is necessary to spend carefully to avoid scratching the linoleum.

Dried paint is removed by means of solvents: white spirit, "646", etc., but in this case it is recommended to test the colour of the floor covering at an inconspicuous area. A cotton pad soaked in solvent, is applied for a time to a stain, then layers scour it clean with a dry cloth. After removal of traces of paint floor covering clean wipe with a damp cloth, dried and coated with a special mastic linoleum or linseed oil.

Advice 6: How to straighten linoleum

Linoleum is a material they use in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the bathroom – where quite often have to do wet cleaning. He is popular due to high durability and strength, and the flooring is very easy. Before you start laying the linoleum, it must be straightened. Typically, the storage, transportation and sale of the coating is carried out in tight twisted coils, so when spreading it on the floor waves are formed, which should be smooth. There are several ways to align the linoleum.
How to straighten linoleum
To the alignment of the linoleum took place evenly, cut it into strips corresponding to the size of the room, spread them out and allow to rest up to until the waves are not smoothed. This may take quite a long time, but the amount of work will be minimal. For linoleum, you will go, but you can not put heavy objects on it, because they can leave indentations.
If you need to save time, then just loop the coil with the linoleum side facing inward, in such a position, he should be a few hours. Note that the inner edge before the fast left internal and after it, then the alignment will be correct. If you are in the store wrapped the linoleum outward side, respectively, it is necessary to twist the underside of the inside.
When linoleum is laid it is necessary at once, is the fastest method of rectification – smoothing. One edge of the cover attach the baseboard. Take a long Board, put on her cargo, now call assistants and with their help move the Board with the load to the opposite wall. At the wall stop and without removing the load, attach the other edge of the linoleum. Then smooth the coating surface in the perpendicular direction in the same way.
The temperature in the room where you will lay linoleum, must be at least 18ºC, and the humidity 50% (plus or minus 10%). The process of smoothing must be carried out at the same temperature and humidity. If the temperature is low, in summer the coat may swell.
Useful advice
Cutting linoleum, leave a gap between it and the wall a few inches below the surface was much to straighten. Then the gaps can easily be closed by the skirting boards, and under the linoleum is not formed air bubbles.
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