Concrete screed under linoleum

This option is considered to be one of the most simple, because the concrete screed has a smooth surface, and does not require further strengthening. But most importantly, there was no cracks, not even minor imperfections. If it finds any deformation or cracks, they must be eliminated. It is enough to simply cover up damage a small amount of solution. Also linoleum flooring before the concrete screed should be covered with primer.

Wooden surface for linoleum

Another good method is to lay linoleum on the Board. In this case we have in mind not only the ordinary wooden floors, and parquet, parquet Board, laminate. The main requirement is a smooth surface. Therefore sometimes in advance you have to handle the floor sander. But this finish gives a very warm and reliable.

Dry screed under linoleum

As grounds for this floor covering can be chipboard, GSP, MDF, and even an ordinary plywood. Only it is important that before laying the material, the seams that remain between adjacent sheets, were closed with putty. With the adhesive method, the flooring dry screed should be made using exclusively non-laminated plates. In addition, in such a situation should be handled in a stacked panel, and even soil.

The worn linoleum as the basis

Oddly enough, the new linoleum can be installed into previously laid. In the end, a so-called double-layer finish, which is characterized by increased absorption, excellent electrical insulation characteristics and durability. To take advantage of this opportunity happens only under the condition that the old linoleum is devoid of irregularities.

In principle, it is possible to lay linoleum, even ceramic or porcelain stoneware tiles. But still, these materials are too cold, so it is better to remove before finishing. Any of the above options will allow you to obtain a reliable and aesthetically pleasing floor that will remain in excellent condition for a very long time.