You will need
  • linoleum,
  • glue "Bustilat", PVA or latex, depending on the quality of linoleum,
  • weld adhesive to seal seams
  • notched trowel,
  • a Shoe or box cutter
  • masking tape,
  • a primer for linoleum
  • rubber gloves.
First of all clear the room. Even if the room in which you are going to repair the floors, is large enough and you plan to lay linoleum pieces, the coating will need to lie down in the position in which you intend to apply. In addition, it is problematic enough to mess with the baseboards if the room furniture.
Linoleum it is necessary to drive under the plinth, so before starting work, the plinth should be removed. By the way, very good reason to replace them. If you are themselves made previous linoleum, it's time to understand, you need to remove it or not. If the linoleum was not glued, just secured only by the baseboards, it makes sense to clean up and lay new ones straight on the base. To remove the old coating has meaning and if it is uneven. If linoleum is pasted accurately, use it. He will play the role of insulation.
Measure the room, Try to choose the linoleum so that it can be laid in one piece. It is sold in rolls of different widths, and if it is possible to glue it without joints, it is best to use it. If the room is too wide to cover her with a sheet, cutting the linoleum so the new seams do not overlap the joints of the previous layer.
The floor should be as smooth. It is most convenient to align it with the soil. If there is a small depression, put a thicker layer of soil. After the primer dries, remove uneven skin. Can be primed and the wrong side of the new linoleum, if there is no pile.
Unroll, spread the linoleum and let him rest up. Depending on the quality this process takes from two hours to two days. If the linoleum does not lie evenly, put on rough places cargo. If the coating will consist of several pieces, put him in the position in which the stick.
Cut the linoleum around the perimeter of the room. To do this it is most convenient sharp shoemaker's knife, but you can use stationery. To slices is smooth, take a metal ruler or flat metal bar. Leave from the side walls, the same gap as was on the old linoleum.
After the linoleum is cut to the shape of the room, begin to stick. To do this, fold a piece of linoleum from the wall and RUB it with glue. For fuzzy surface use the glue "Bustilat" or PVA, for smooth latex glue. To put it most convenient with a notched trowel. Press a piece of linoleum to the floor and carefully smooth out. Under it there should not be bubbles. Aligning the first piece, peel back the linoleum on the other hand, in the same way promazhte glue, press down and smooth out. In the same way and glue the remaining pieces.
Seal the seams. Clean and degrease the surface of the linoleum in sections. Glue onto a joint of masking tape. At the joint line with a sharp knife cut line. Fill the gap with glue for cold welding. Let the glue dry and remove the tape, you can do it in about half an hour.. Fasten the baseboard.