Why the need for personal folders in the mail

Personal folders are needed in order to easily sort a stream of letters. For example, letters from work can develop in the folder "Work", notice from the social. networking — in the folder "SOC. online and correspondence with your favorite friends — in the folder "Friends".

Create a new folder

To create a personal folder go to Yandex.Mail, then in the menu "Settings" (the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page) and click on the "Folders and tags".

In the "Folders" click on "New folder" and proceed to configure it.

Customize a new folder

In the window that appears, specify a name for the new folder. If you want to invest in an existing folder, click on "Attach to another folder" under the field name. By default, new folders come in a standard Inbox.

If you want the new folder was just a specific newsletter, click the link "Yandex.Mail can automatically transfer certain emails to a folder" — unfold fields for configuring rules according to which some of the letters will go in your new folder. To do this, specify the address (or part of it), which should come such letters, as well as their topic. The folder should only get mails with attached files? Then select "Email contains attachments.

If three parameters for filtering messages into a new folder you do not have enough, move to more flexible setup mail processing rules — to do this, click on the link "I need more complex conditions" and describe all the rules of sorting letters for the new folder.

Describing parsing rules email, click "new folder" a new folder will immediately appear in the folder list Yandex.Mail.

Return to the section "Letters" and to see all your personal folders, click on the checkbox to the left of the link "Inbox" — list with your new personal folders will unfold.

Work with new folders and manage

To put any letter in the new personal folder is available directly from the letters or from the list of letters. To do this, open a letter or check multiple emails in the list, then click on "transfer to folder" under the search bar top right and select the desired folder. The menu also has the ability to quickly create another personal folder, clicking on "New folder".

You can at any time to clean, rename, customize the rule, or delete the personal (but not standard) folder and mark as read all mails in the folder — for this you need to go back to "Settings", then "Folders and tags". In this section, the personal folders you can move between them, including to invest in each other the usual dragging the mouse.