Create a Yandex mail the second box similar to the opening of the first. Main point – go for this from my old account.
Go to the website If under "Mail" there are no fields for data entry, and spelled out email address, click "Exit" in the upper right corner of the page.
Then click the "Make mailbox" under the "Enter" button. You will get on the first page check the mail box.
Enter the required personal data in the first two fields to fill in. To make it easier to restore access to your email if you forget your password, enter your real name and surname.
Create a username and enter it in the last field on this page. Please note that the new username should not duplicate already available to you. Otherwise the registration will not take place. To facilitate this operation, the system "Yandex" will offer you a list of available logins, one of which you can use.
After the system check the uniqueness of your username and will show that he is free, click "Next".
Create a password to your mailbox and enter it in the box next to "Create a password". It needs to be at least 6 numbers. Remember it, and even better record. And then, duplicate this password in the field labeled "Repeat password".
Select a security question, which helps you to access e-mail in case of forgetting password. Also you can come up with a question. The answer type in the adjacent field.
Enter your mobile phone number. If you forget your password, it will be sent with a code to restore access to a mailbox.
To confirm the system that you are a real person, then hammer in the last field, the symbols with adjacent symbols, and then click "Register".
The new mailbox is opened. Click "Start using mail" and get to work.