To begin launch your Internet browser. Type in the address bar without the quotes Press Enter. You go to the main page. In the left part of the page is a block called "Mail". Click on the blue button "Get mail".
Browser will take you to the first page of registration. Here you need to specify your real name, real name and login. Click on the field-filling of login, the system will provide 10 options available usernames based on the above data. If you don't like one of your own, but if the desired username already occupied by someone else, you'll have to find another until, until you find free. At the end click on the "Next"button.
On the next page you need to come up with the password for the mailbox. The more complex the password, the less likely that your email will be hacked. Remember, anybody never, under any conditions do not reveal your password! Writing it down, confirm the second time. Select a security question from the list or create and write your. If you forget your password, you can restore access to a mailbox by correctly answering your secret question. The answer only you should know! Give the answer. If desired, specify a different e-mail address, if available. Specify the mobile number, it will send the recovery code. To prove to the system that you are not a robot, please enter the characters you see in the pictures. Read the terms and conditions of the User agreement and set beside them a box that you consent to the processing of your personal data.
The registration is successfully completed. You can start immediately to use email, you can print out the registration details of your account or to tell a little about yourself.