To create a mail boxand in Yandex, you need to go to the site.
In the left corner of the page click on the picture envelope. Another option is "Mail" next to the menu "Search"
Click Get mail to Yandex".
The registration consists of two steps.
The first step is to enter surname, name and login.
You need to login to come by, no you did not issue. If you do the wrong actions (entering a username with Cyrillic letters, use underscores, etc.) you immediately get on the right side of the login form, red review. Most often, this comment warns that the login is already in use. You immediately offer variations that guarantee unemployment login.
Second step – enter the password. Password you also provide your. On the right there is a great link "How to choose a password.
Easy to remember and impossible to guess the password in the form of the Russian word, but in English keyboard layout.
Password recovery in case of loss the system prompts you to use the answer to the secret question. Choose a question the answer to which you probably know and remember always, type your answer. Click "Next"
Optional fields – this is another e-mail and mobile phone number. They also serve as password recovery.
Enter the secret code into the unit of protection from automatic registration. If necessary, ask to show a different picture.
Click "Register ". If I do not mess up the registration process of a mail boxand is complete.
You will be redirected to the page with congratulations on your successful registration.
Using the "file" located at the top of the browser, save the page that lists all the data of the mail boxand Yandex.