Gastritis - inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The causes of disease are many, but the main is - stress, big breaks between meals, Smoking, alcohol abuse, frequent snacking. Especially harmful to overeat at night. With acute gastritis be pain in the upper abdomen, belching, heartburn. If you notice such symptoms, you must consult a specialist. If left untreated the gastritis, then he can go to the stomach ulcer. The doctor prescribes treatment, but a prerequisite for full recovery is diet. Nutritional care for gastritis is aimed at faster healing of the mucous membrane of the stomach and to reduce inflammation.
In the period of exacerbation donations. Resolved liquid broth and jelly. With the improvement of the health diet is expanding. Can products such as chicken without the skin, fish, lean beef, milk, steam scrambled eggs, gruel, broth hips, weak tea with milk. Food should be consumed in the mashed form.
In the period of remission for Breakfast, resolved boiled porridge of all types of cereals, milk soup with noodles or homemade noodles. Crackers, white bread, nesdobnoe biscuits, tea, cacao, weak coffee with milk, jelly, fresh cheese, acidophilus milk, soft-boiled eggs.
Lunch can be potato soup on a weak beef broth. Mashed potatoes, steam cutlets or boiled meat low-fat varieties. Cup of broth hips with breadcrumbs or biscuit. In the evening boiled fish and a glass of jelly. At night it is advisable to drink a glass of yogurt or milk.
In order to reduce inflammation of the gastric mucosa, it is possible to prepare vegetable collection. Prepare a mixture of herbs such as yarrow, St. John's wort, celandine, chamomile. Each type of herb you need to take two tablespoon. Tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water for 30 minutes. Take an hour after eating a glass, 2 times per day.
Recommended products for gastritis: pudding, jelly, cocoa, weak tea with milk, dried bread, milk, yogurt, yogurt, cheese, butter and olive oil, boiled eggs, vegetable soup, sweet berries, sweet fruits in the form of mashed or baked, potatoes, carrots, beets, pumpkin.
Diet for gastritis excludes products such as: chocolate, candy, fresh pastry, cabbage, grapes, radishes, onions, unripe fruits, peas, beans, fatty meat, bacon, canned meat and fish, alcoholic drinks, black and red pepper, horseradish. Contraindicated fried pies, pancakes, rye bread and products from fancy pastry, macaroni, lasagne. Nothing fried, smoked, salty, sour.