Food culture

Often, people during the meal, swallow a lot of air. For this reason, they can torment a burp. In this case, a person should not talk while eating. Also not recommended to drink liquid via a straw, then air in the stomach will accumulate much less. Do not eat too fast, you need to do it slowly, carefully chewing every bite. As a result, the stomach will digest food easier and it will get much less air.

All you need to make a point, there's no hurry, enjoying the meal, then the digestive problems will not be. It is important to remember that Smoking during a heavy lunch can cause belching. After all, while Smoking swallowed a lot of air, so this habit should be abandoned. If you follow these rules, then burp will bother less.


Avoid products which contribute to the formation of stomach gases. The black list includes beans of all kinds, sodas, and vozdukhosoderzhaniya products, which include whipped cream. You should also avoid chewing gum, since the chewing process people inadvertently swallow a lot of air. If you still want to chew on it, make it advisable with your mouth closed. Exercise will help to reduce belching and gastritis. It is recommended to do some sit-UPS, this will allow gas to quietly disappear.


In chronic gastritis and frequent belching patients assigned to diet. They are contraindicated in the following products: coffee, chocolate, spices, alcohol, carbonated drinks, canned food, concentrates and surrogates, spices. In addition, should not eat foods that provoke fermentation: sour cream, milk, brown bread, grapes, and smoked, fried and greasy foods, products from fancy pastry. However, if gastritis diet you need to do is quite varied and rich in vitamins and proteins. It should also be fractional, the number of meals it is recommended to increase to 5-6 times a day.


To cope with belching gastritis medicines will help, but you first need to be tested. After this will be assigned the appropriate treatment, through which you will be able to cope with the problem. But if help is needed immediately, you can drink a course of tablets, normalizing digestion, they will appoint a doctor.