Diet for gastritis and gastric ulcer

Diet No. 1 is assigned for gastric and duodenal ulcers, and gastritis. This diet helps digestion and can be a major for people adhering to a healthy diet. Gastritis and ulcers it is important to support the gastrointestinal tract and to give him a chance to recover. With this purpose it is necessary to eat boiled, baked dishes or dishes prepared on pair. Eat to fractional, five to six times a day, portions should be small. Caloric daily intake should be around 2800-3000 calories.

Within the diet for gastritis and ulcers, you can cook a variety of soups. Will be useful first dishes based on vegetable broth with rice, noodles, various vegetables. Such soups can fill cream, egg. Very good for the stomach are pureed vegetable soups, porridge, seasoned with butter. Carvery allowed low-fat chicken, rabbit, lean beef, Turkey.

Several times a week, you can cook lean fish steamed, allowed steam fish cutlets with cream sauce. Will be useful to various dairy products: cream, milk, yogurt, fresh sour cream, yogurt, sour curd. Porridge should be boiled in milk. You can cook baked cheesecakes, scrambled eggs with milk, boiled soft-boiled eggs. Drinks will be useful jelly, berry and fruit jelly, boiled milk, cream. Juices should be diluted by half with water.

Gastritis with low acidity of the stomach can eat the dishes of minced meat, fish, vinaigrettes, cheese, dairy products, cheese. Will be useful nourishing meat, fish, vegetable soups, steamed vegetables with butter. Permitted fried foods, but without the baked crust and breading. Gastritis with low acidity it is advisable to eat 4 times a day, at the same time.

Products banned for gastritis and gastric ulcer

Ulcers and gastritis can not eat too hot and too cold food. The food should have an average temperature. You need to limit salt, it retains water in the body, and also irritates the gastric mucosa. So as not to burden the stomach, you need to refrain from fried, fatty, spicy, salty, you can not eat fatty meats, strong broths, preserves, marinades, hot sauces, rye bread, puff pastry, salty cheese.

Contraindicated mushrooms, cabbage, spinach, sorrel, cucumbers, onions, coffee, sodas. Muffin, fresh bread replace crackers or dried bread. Should completely refrain from alcohol and Smoking. Gastritis with low acidity is required to limit or eliminate foods that cause fermentation: beans, grapes, cabbage, fresh pastries, dairy products.