The types of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are divided into several basic types – foam, powder and carbon dioxide. Foam fire extinguishers designed to extinguish flammable liquids such as gasoline, lacquer, oil, paint and so on. Also they can be used to extinguish fires of solid materials in addition to devices under electrical voltage. Powder fire extinguishers used to eliminate the burning of flammable and combustible liquids, paints, lacquers, plastics and electrical devices, the voltage which is not more than 1000 volts.

The fire extinguisher should have a not too heavy weight, so that if necessary they were able to take advantage of any family members, including children.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers allow you to put different substances, liquids and materials, as well as the installation connected to the grid. This type of extinguisher is considered the most effective due to its composition, which allows to eliminate the fire as quickly as possible. Typically, fire extinguishers are the following: need to disrupt the seal, pull the pin, to send the bell on the fire and start the fire, holding the extinguisher in an upright position. However, there are some rules of its use that you need to know.

Rules for proper use of fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher should be kept out of reach from direct sunlight, children and heating appliances. The room temperature should be average. When using powder extinguishers charge needs to be served as portions every 3-5 seconds. Jet charge should always head to windward, while extinguishing burning electrical fire extinguisher can not pass closer than 1 meter.

When using the fire extinguisher are not allowed to touch a bare hand to the bell, not to get frostbite of the skin.

Oil fires extinguish foam fire extinguishers, foam covering the entire burning surface. Burning oil can't be extinguished by a jet directed downwards. To extinguish the fire is necessary from the middle of the region, gradually going deeper in the fire. The fire occurred in a niche, you should extinguish from top to bottom. If you use a powder fire extinguisher, hearth out on the windward side, directing a jet is not on fire, and the burning surface. If you have multiple fire extinguishers should use them all at the same time. Even extinguished fires never turn my back, and used fire extinguishers must be recharged immediately.