Decide the genre. Think about and analyze their own knowledge and capabilities. If you are well versed in computers, mobile and consumer electronics, then go to the interview in the magazine is not worth it. Assess their capabilities realistically. If you ever rode a horse, it does not mean that you will be able to write for a magazine about animals. Well, if you have some sort of narrowly-specific knowledge and skills. It will be an additional advantage, which will help you to quickly find a job.
Look at the magazines. Read a few publications on the selected characteristics. Think which of them you would be able to write. For example, if you wanted to search for news or to interview, please note how articles are written. There are many magazines, which publishes a variety of gossip and speculation about famous people. Think about it - maybe this job is not right for you according to moral criteria.
When you have selected a most interesting publication, start writing the test article. Select a familiar topic. Try to write a short but informative and fascinating text. Even if you can tell a lot, try to set the range of 3-5 thousand characters. Too long texts is tiring, and the editor can finish reading your article in the middle. Do not send immediately your work to a publisher. Read it in a few days. Thus, it will be easier to notice their flaws and mistakes. Would hate to fail because of their own carelessness. After the article is edited, send it to a few favorite magazines. And be sure to make a short summary so that a potential employer could have an idea with whom he was dealing.
If you will contact for pursuing cooperation, listen carefully to the assignment, discuss the deadlines and material requirements. Responsibly performing the task. Even if you refuse to work, don't despair, try your hand in another publication.
If your work like the editor, but you remain a freelancer, then be patient. Perform several tasks before you interested in possible employment in the state journal. However, to delay such a conversation is not necessary. So you will show the authorities a desire to work and move up the career ladder, and learn the intentions of the employer.