Remember that you need to cultivate it very quickly, because it contains a lot of tannins. Optimal time of vaccination by the method of "cutting in the split - January-February or "kidney" - in the late summer. On the eve of vaccination make sure to prepare the necessary material – the rootstock (the plant on which grafting is done), Scion (grafting stalk) and inventory – elastic band, garden of the var and okulirovannyh knife.
By grafting the split rootstock laminate with a knife right in the center. In the crack, insert the spacer, then can proceed to preparing the Scion. From the bottom of the cutting to make two equal oblique cut on the wedge, after which it can be inserted into the gap and removed the spacer. It is desirable that the rootstock and Scion are at the same size. Do not let the stump got broken, and the smearing of the site of inoculation garden pitch avoid in the slot.
By grafting the kidney you are to perform four main operations. At the beginning of making a T-shaped incision of the bark on the rootstock, then cut the buds, then put the buds in a T-shaped incision of the cortex. The fourth and last stage – the imposition of binding. If done correctly, 2-3 weeks after the vaccination you will see on grafted cuttings of persimmon green shoots.