You will need
  • The wild rose Bush
  • cuttings of roses
  • plastic bag
  • sawdust
  • a scalpel or other sharp knife
  • duct tape
  • wooden box
Look into the nearby woods any wild rose Bush. The rose also refers to rozotsvetnym, so varietal roses on the roots of the Bush will feel like home. In this case, no matter white you take the rose hips or red.
Dig up a wild rose Bush, wash the roots. Select the sections of a thickness of about 5 cm and cut into pieces with length 15 cm, the Upper edge is usually made straight, the bottom is beveled.
Pour into a plastic bag of damp sawdust. Fold back the roses and put in a cool place. Keep the roots to mid-March.
Prepare cuttings of roses. This is usually done in the fall, at a time when you are preparing flowers for the winter. Cuttings should be made of withered shoots. Their thickness should be not less than 5 cm Cuttings are such that they would have 2 kidneys.
Make the notch on the top of the root of the wild rose. Cross cut is a bevel cut with a "tongue". Make the same cut on the lower part of the stem of the rose.
Connect the root and stalk. Firmly attach them to each other and wrap the connection with electrical tape.
Fold the roots grafted them with cuttings in a wooden box and cover them with moist sawdust. Place the box in a cool but not very cold room. The temperature must be above 15°C and below 12°C. Under these conditions, the root and the stalk grow in about 3 weeks. At the junction of the formed growth.
3 weeks after inoculation, place the box in a cooler room where the temperature does not exceed 4°C. Bud break has to stop. The accretion continues. Fully vaccinated will be ready for planting a month and a half.
Remove the strapping and plant inoculation under the film into the ground. Bushes close by the ground, this will prevent the drying of the kidneys. As soon as young shoots appear, gradually begin to shovel the earth.
Stay tuned for the leaves. When you see 2 or 3, form a Bush presepio the tops of the shoots. It stimulates the growth of side shoots, which do not pinch. On lateral shoots will soon appear buds.