What is the vaccine

You can even go further – to one Apple tree with four different varieties of apples, plus two pear varieties. In principle, the number is limited only by the number of branches on the initial tree. The result is achieved by grafting. Vaccination is generally a good thing. Take room lemon. If it is grown from a seed, wait for it, fruiting will have 15 years. Is it worth it to graft on a stalk with a fruiting lemon, and after a couple of years you can harvest.

How to learn to instill

As in any important matter, you first need to work out. Does any branch, for example, lilac. And instilled by, say, a Jasmine. The action takes place in the first half of April – before the start of SAP flow.

On a fruit tree sapling can be taught in many different places: in the branches of the crown, the trunk, at the base of the trunk, in the standard growth, root growth, roots. Thick branches (more than 7 mm in diameter) and the trunk is grafted cuttings, thin – budded (eye). It is easiest to graft in the branches of the crown.

The vaccination process

The easiest method of grafting or crossing of two cultures – topolyovka oblique slice. First you need to prepare the grafting stalk. To do this, the tree is separated by 3-4-inch cuttings (Scion). In the place of separation is oblique cut with a knife with a thin sharp blade. The cut on the handle must be located so that the opposite side of the slice was located in the kidney and above had at least two well-developed buds.

The same cut is made on the second Apple. Handle first Apple immediately pressed against the cut to the second cut. You should try to make the cuts so that the bark of the stem and escape perfectly aligned. To do this, cutting the branches on the rootstock and Scion to the same thickness.

Now, keeping one hand escape and attached thereto a handle in the cut, the other hand need tight, but gently wrap the junction of the sections with tape or a band-aid, sticky side inside. The winding is carried out in a spiral, completely closing the connection. This work must run fast enough to the surface of slices of branches is not oxidized in the air – it affects the fusion of rootstock and Scion together.

If everything is done correctly and on time, then after two weeks on grafted shoots begin to swell and blossom buds. And you can start to mix anything you want – lilacs, pears, plums – with each other or in different interesting combinations.