Advice 1: How to deal with the nematode of strawberries

Nematodes are called microscopic worms that live on the stems and roots of strawberry and strawberry. Able to detect them only when they change the appearance of the plants, since these parasites break the life cycle of a plant.
How to deal with the nematode of strawberries

How to understand that the strawberry nematode

The nematode inhabits the axils of the leaves and buds of bushes of strawberries in one vegetation period on the plant gives way to 8 generations of worms. The strawberries can dwell in several types of nematodes: the most dangerous are the leaf Bud, and root-knot nematode. They are transmitted with planting material, seeds, berries, plant remains. The danger of nematodes is that they weaken the plants, affecting their buds, inflorescences and roots, whereby the plant becomes a dwarf, its productivity is reduced.

Nematodes of the modified plants: the leaf blade shallow, ugly, wrong shape. Leaves curl, marinade, covered with brown or yellow spots. Another sign of infection of plants by nematodes, the change in appearance of the shoots, and often they shorten, thicken, they are a fusion between them. The flower stalks are shrinking, are often underdeveloped, take an irregular shape, the berries grow small or not provided at all.

The prevention of infection of plants by nematodes

The increase in the number of nematodes accounted for the spring and summer, continues until the end of July, after which there is a temporary decline in activity of the worms. There are a few basic rules that will avoid contamination of garden nematodes:

For this you need to observe crop rotation, but not to plant strawberries after potatoes, peas, beets and garlic – all of them are easily affected by these pests.

On the land where grown diseased plants, not plant strawberries and strawberries for two years so the nematode remains in the soil.

Do not buy strawberry seedlings from random sellers on the market. It is better to purchase it in specialized nurseries.

If the plot showed patients with nematode plant, you should immediately dig up and burn it outside a garden plot.


There are some chemicals to combat nematodes is designed to combat the worms ("Piperazine", sold in the drugstore), but they can give only temporary effect, to reduce the number of parasites. After the eggs come out new worms, the process will continue.

You can use the method of heat treatment. For this you need to dig up the plant, rinse the roots from the remnants of soil and immersed together with the leaves in a bowl of hot water (50-55oC with). To sustain plants in this state it is necessary for 10-15 minutes. This method is quite effective when planting seedlings in the garden to prevent the spread of the disease.

Gives good results planting in the garden with strawberries seedlings of marigolds, calendula and marigold. This method is used to reduce the number of nematodes. At the same time you can spray infusions of these plants, strawberry bushes for 2 weeks daily.

To get rid of nematodes is not so easy, it is much easier to prevent contamination.

Advice 2: How to plant strawberry seeds

Among the ways to produce a crop of strawberries is the most time consuming is to grow berries from seed. The advantages of this method are obvious: it allows to obtain new varieties of strawberries, when the seedlings of such varieties does not, however, the specificity of the process is available.
How to plant strawberry seeds
You will need
  • mailbox;
  • - the ground;
  • - the seeds.
Before planting the strawberry seeds, you must purchase quality planting material. Be prepared for the fact that the elite seeds are sold in the amount of 3-5 pieces, that in the absence of practices the cultivation reduces the chances of the harvest. The more seeds pack, the higher the probability of their germination. Can be planted in different parts of the box several varieties, subsequently raspolirovat them in different pots.
Take a box for planting, prepare the soil. In order to have time to obtain normal seedlings and to grow seedlings from seeds strawberry plant seeds in the ground in early winter. For this fit an ordinary garden earth or garden soil, not too loamy and peat. Put earth in a box, not cosipa to the brim and slightly wet. Lay the seeds on top of this distance to future shoots do not interfere with each other. Sprinkle on top of the ground they do not need. To create constant humidity and climate control drawer is covered by a transparent plastic or glass so that the rays of the sun can easily penetrate to the seeds.
The drawer put in such a place that it got the maximum amount of sunlight. When you see the first shoots, remove the glass or polythene. When the bushes appears a few leaves, transplant them into individual peat pots in which they will later be planted in the open ground.
When established warm weather and bushes grow up, dropped them off at their summer cottage. Over the summer the seedlings will have formed and become stronger, and next season will already give the first berries. So in practice to grow strawberries from seed is not so difficult.
Useful advice
So as to predict the future viability and vitality of plants is quite difficult, it is better to plant several bags of seeds. This will avoid the situation where in-ground planting is simply nothing.
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