In most cases, the shade of the walls, which are suitable for the bedroom, depends on personal taste preferences and temperament of the owner of the premises, although there are some General principles for the selection of finishing materials. So if you have a small bedroom and need to visually enhance, to hang Wallpaper in the best pastel shades. These colors are calming, but when they are active and bright - then invigorate. Cool colors "refresh" the room looks cool and unobtrusive.

The tone

Wallpaper with a reddish hue for the bedroom usually prefer nature passionate, but the room in green color scheme people value harmony, blue Wallpaper prefer face strict.

Neutral tones of finishing materials, such as sand or beige, cream or butter are considered to be more preferable in this room as they can blend in the furnishings of any shade, they are quite pleasant and unobtrusive. The warmer is the color, such as beige, the cozier it will seem space. You can not say about black plain Wallpaper. It's not a very good option for rooms where people rest, although it should be noted that the Wallpaper is white with a black pattern of human exposure soothing and give the space a special piquancy, besides looks fresh and original.

If the bedroom to perform in delicate lilac tones, the atmosphere will contribute to relaxation, in contrast to for example the Wallpaper of purple or lilac colors that create the voltage. You can choose for decorating bedroom Wallpaper brown. This tone will only add to room warmth and solidity. Very nice in this regard are considered shades of chocolate.

If you try to design the interior of the room in grey color Wallpapers or to purchase peach, pale green, the room is decorated in these colours, you can better relax.


Often people prefer to buy Wallpaper with any pattern or design. It should be understood that geometric theme, makes total interior solution is more restrictive. For example, floral motifs better suited to women's bedrooms. Very original look ornate gold tone drawings on white walls.

In conclusion, I should add that we should not strive to adhere to fashion on interior design bedroom. This room should not be created in active and bright colours just because it is fashionable. It is better to choose those colors, which the person will be very comfortable and if you have a desire to experiment, the lounge and kitchen are open space for new and fresh ideas.