Recommendations psychologists

Turning to the work of psychologists, you can find out what colors, according to experts, should be submitted in the bedroom. Scientists recommend to use light colors that evening will help to relax, and to configure a working mood. Beige, light gray, lavender, smoky pink, pale yellow, peach and pale green – these shades would be appropriate in the bedroom. They give a feeling of comfort and does not cause irritation.

Taste preferences

Well, if the opinion of psychologists that matches your taste, but if you soul is not to bright and pastel colors, but on the contrary, you like bright and flashy, it would be right to listen to yourself. To approach the design should be carefully: to make the restroom bright red or light green isn't too helpful. Note the more muted options – Burgundy, purple, deep blue. These colors are suitable for the decoration of the walls in the room.
Try to make one of the walls a bright, and for the rest, select similar quiet tone.

The size of the room

Well, if you are the owner of a large bedroom. In this case, you can experiment with colors and not be afraid of dark colors that contrast, even the ability to make the room cozier. Another thing, if the room is small. You will have to choose the color of paint or Wallpaper, which will narrow the already small room. In a tiny bedroom will look good white and light gray walls. Comfort can be added by using furniture and accessories. Purchase a bright blanket on the bed, on the window hang curtains of rich colors. In this room you will feel.
If your bedroom is high ceiling, and because of this you don't feel safe, use for home color a few shades darker than the walls.

Party light

Consider and on which side your Windows. In the bedroom, which is on the North or West side, in the morning it will be pretty dark. This situation is not conducive to a cheerful start in the day, so it makes sense to adjust it using a good color scheme. Add light using pink, apricot, light beige, Golden hues. Do not be guided by the first impression you made on the Wallpaper or paint in the store. Take a sample home, attach to the wall and visually verify that the hue is suitable. In the South bedroom in the summer can be quite hot, so the best solution for her is cool colors: blue, lavender. But the room, whose Windows face East will become even cozier if it's decor you'll use gentle orange tones.