Of course, for decorating the walls in the dark areas to use Wallpaper in bright colors. Best suited soft pastel shades, as closely as possible to white: light beige, soft cream, off-white, vanilla, ivory. For light, soft and boring combinations of pastel colors can be combined among themselves or with one brighter color (Golden, yellow, lemon, light pink).

Pure white color is better to consider separately in each case. For example, in a room located on the North side of the house, white walls can be perceived as gray. As a result, the room becomes even more uncomfortable. In this case, to compensate for the lack of daylight, the best option would be a radiant light yellow hue.

In addition, for dark rooms you can use and cool tones, which are able to reflect a lot of light: light pistachio, pale blue, pale turquoise, light mint.

Not recommended in dark rooms to apply rich shades of green, peach, orange, olive, and terracotta colors. The walls in these colours will absorb a lot of light, and the room will always be cloudy. While light shades of blue and purple in the sunlight will look gray and dreary.

Paintings and ornaments

For decoration of walls in dark rooms you can use pastel-coloured Wallpapers with a picture. Importantly, the pattern was smaller, and his color was not strongly contrasting to the basic tone of the Wallpaper. Room contrast the major elements of the picture on the walls will visually appear darker and smaller. And if the room is spacious enough, then a bold pattern, you can highlight one wall (preferably in front of the window).

Texture and relief

For the room with insufficient natural illumination it is necessary to pay attention to the texture pattern. It is best to use glossy Wallpaper which have the ability to reflect light, respectively, and the room will seem more spacious and bright. Wallpaper with a deep matte finish will absorb the sun's rays. Not suitable for dark rooms and also the Wallpaper with silk-screen printing and metallography - they will darken the wall.

The relief pattern, depending on depth, can also absorb or reflect light. Even the bright Wallpaper with a large convex topography are visually reduce the room. But the Wallpaper with small relief possess a reflective effect, can be used in the design of dark rooms.

Observing certain rules and guidelines even the darkest room can be turned into a light, bright and Sunny room.