Going to the store Wallpapers, bring not only write about the required square footage of rolls, but the memo with the other required information:- natural lighting in a particular room;
- its configuration;
- functional purpose.Think about the General characteristics of selected materials in color: the color can be warm or cold tones - light or dark.
If your room faces the South and is well lit, recommended Wallpaper cold colors (gray, blue, green, purple-blue, gray-green). If the room is dark, choose Wallpaper with warm colors. Good in this case, the finish Wallpaper light Golden, light cream, light beige, light citric tones. The "warmth" of the room will also give pink, orange, yellowish-green tone.
How to take into account the color of the Wallpaper and its compatibility with other paints interior colour of the furniture, curtains, large decor? If beautiful furniture with its distinctive upholstery - the main decoration of your interior, the Wallpaper should be selected soft and with a subtle pattern. Also recommended for soothing colors for the walls, if the room is dominated by expensive curtains. But if the curtains you have not bought, and you love the Wallpaper with a distinct ornamental pattern, and future of the curtains, purchase a smooth, solid. For this purpose it is useful to know about the harmony of certain tones in the ensemble." For example, brown color blends with orange, beige; crimson with pearl gray, mauve; straw-yellow and Golden - green; the color of sea water with cornflower, etc.
If you need to paste a small but high room, try to match by color of several zones: the lower part of the walls of Wallpaper paste over a more dense color, the top is lighter. A matter of taste - use for decoration photoWallpaper. As a rule, choose one of the four walls, covered with Wallpaper in soft tones in the room where little furniture and where I want to leave a feeling of space.