Pick the option of oformlenije Wallpaper steel decoration of the room and not the backdrop for furniture, consider the various options of wall coverings. For pasting of walls, along with a plain Wallpaper you can use various combinations: the insertion of a contrasting color or bright pattern around the space, the use of wall murals or themed murals.
Pick the main color Before choosing the Wallpaper, determine the color tone of the room. Given the purpose of the room, you can use a specific shade to change the health of the person. For example, green is the color of peace and tranquility. Its shades are suitable for rooms where you will be for a long time. Orange tones are good for support accents in the kitchen, dining and living room. If you decorrelate the nursery, choose a Sunny yellow - it is like all children. A win-win option for the bedroom is blue color, relaxing and creating a feeling of peace.
Pick a color-companionable you have identified the main color of the Wallpaper, pick one or two auxiliary color. There are several principles of selection: monochromatic, harmonious and contrasting. In the first case additional shades range within a primary color, such as dark green, green, light green. For a more vibrant interior choose extra tones Wallpapers on the principle of harmonious combination of colors. So, for the main lime green suit and light green or celadon and blue. If the dominant color is yellow, additional turns orange and egg, or lime and light green. If you want a bright and bold design of the room, stop their attention on additional contrasting colors. For example: red – green, yellow – purple, orange – the color of a sea wave.
Pick the Wallpaper of the family in accordance with the style of the interior. Nice background Wallpaper in conjunction with traditional stripes or floral patterns. If your interior is designed in classic style, use embossed floral designs with a combination of all colors. Kitchen & dining suitable figures, echoes the purpose of the premises: pictures of appetizing foods or utensils. If you are interested in modern style, pay attention to geometric figures they effectively accentuate the furniture and hide construction defects.
Focus on tenectomy to change the space, do not have to stick the same everywhere Wallpaper-companions. Looks spectacular room where only one wall is different from the rest. If you want to focus on specific part of the room, take her to decor a bright surface – it will be an original backdrop to any subject. To create the illusion of a large space indispensable desktop or photo panels. If you want to expand the boundaries of a small room, locate the appropriate Wallpaper theme, is in harmony with the main color of the interior.