Choosing Wallpaper for combining, pay attention to the combination of their colors. They should complement each other, rather than exclude. So, will look harmoniously together yellow and orange Wallpaper, green and yellow, green and blue, pink and blue and so on. Do not combine yellow with blue, red with blue, green and red. You can also choose Wallpaper with the same color but with different textures.
The combination of Wallpaper allows you to save money. Perhaps you have seen in DIY stores a bunch of Wallpapers with the inscription "sale". At competitive prices sold Wallpaper, which left 1-2 roll. Among discounted rolls you can find the Wallpaper of the desired color.
Buying the necessary materials and tools, you can start preparing the walls. If the wall was painted with oil paint and wash it will fail, wash with soap, and after dry – sand below the surface was rough. Putty or plaster wall should be primed or diluted Wallpaper paste. If the surface is combined, it is better to paste over it with a thin paper to the wall was smooth. Sure it Prime to Wallpaper away.
Make a stencil from paper. Below the seam of the Wallpaper was the same, make a stencil with two bends. This sheet fold across the 2 times. Top edge measure 30 mm from bottom 60 mm. Draw a straight line, divide it in half and draw two curved lines: from the top concave, the bottom convex, smoothly connecting them in the middle. Cut all the unnecessary, keeping all the layers to avoid smearing.
Now attach the template to the place of junction of wall and ceiling where you have planned to make a joint. Of course, when placing the junction be guided by the width of the Wallpaper, not to get a lot of trimmings. Do a control line, top to bottom, which will navigate pasting the first sheet. Overlap the pasted sheet to the width of the future of bending is glued a sheet of a different color. Not waiting for dry, draw a thin pencil line stencil and a sharp knife, cut a wavy line on the thickness of the Wallpaperx sheets. Gently remove the top layer, then bend the wave and remove the bottom layer of Wallpaper. Then carefully smooth the joints.
You have got beautiful wavy junction of Wallpapers of different colors. To beat a wavy line, hung on both sides of the picture in the frame with an offset of a step wave.