For a large Sunny room, choose Wallpaper cool colors: blue, green, purple, gray, pink. Light colors visually enlarge the room and dark Burgundy, terracotta - make too large space cozier. Warm colors - yellow, peach, tobacco and create a sense of light and warmth, which is good, when the room little natural light, and stays in a cold climate.
For a small room, choose a light Wallpaper with a fine rare drawing - room will seem greater. The large patterns on Wallpaper can be used for one wall in a small room, the remaining walls make the light. This way you can create the illusion of a longer space.
Note the Wallpaper with vertical stripes, if you want to "raise" the ceilings. On the contrary, too high ceilings can be "lowered" by using horizontal stripes on the Wallpaper. The same effect can be achieved if you make the ceiling a darker tone than the walls.
For a child's room take environmentally friendly cheap paper or vinyl Wallpaper, that will not cause allergies. As the children painted on walls for a long time, they will not last. For older children, use a paintable Wallpaper that can be painted as needed. In the nursery don't use "flashy" aggressive colors, that affect the child's exciting.
When wallpapering the entire apartment (several rooms), ensure that it is not too sharp contrast. Transitions from room to room should not markedly vary in color shades. The most sophisticated and expensive to purchase Wallpaper for the living room. Throughout the apartment the walls should be in harmony among themselves.