After the child turns one year, don't give him such toys, reviewing them, you can get hurt or choke on. Toys at this age it is advisable to offer the child one at a time, to concentrate his attention, and when the interest is held, the previous need to hide the toy and give the following. They don't have to be complicated, but are designed to give work to the hands and encourage baby's curiosity.

Loud and bright electronic "Brancacci" - not the most suitable option, they get bored and break for a few days, and all sorts of laces, "zateyali", puzzles for learning different sizes, shapes and colors, letters or numbers will be very useful and will remain more than one year.

Games for baby one year is inseparable from learning, so they need to evolve. Of course, we cannot forget about the outdoor games. They should not be confined to the "catch-up", but also to develop specific skills: useful game with balls of different sizes, jumping small obstacles, imitation of movements of different animals.

Keep in mind that the long fixed position of the baby at this age increases psychological weariness and, if the child is restless, it is necessary to change the type of load. Alternate exercises for fine motor skills, to strengthen the skeletal muscles, on the development of memory and thinking (looking at pictures, reading children's little quatrains). Remember about the modeling of salt dough, finger paints, shuffling and pouring cereals or transfusion liquids in a different capacity - all this is very important for the development of children from one year.

Feeding children from one year is not much different from the former (under one year) – still prohibited greasy, spicy, fried foods, mayonnaise, canned and smoked. Recipes for kids of this age differ only in the design of the courses. The baby can be seen in the plate of a beautiful flower from a tomato and with great pleasure to eat it.

Decorate salads, porridge and soups, and will be rewarded with empty plates and happy children. Badly frayed food in the diet year-olds have almost none. Food is becoming more and more like an adult, and the child's diet from one year should gradually become self-reliant.

One and a half years children are able to eat themselves, let a little blotting and spilling the food. But to abuse them is not worth it, there is an element of learning and development. Do not deprive children of such an important school.