Long dresses modern girls wear in everyday life and on special occasions. Making the way a long time thinking about hair. To avoid long charges, listen to the General recommendations of stylists.
Long dress and choosing the right styling can dramatically change the image of the girl. If you are low growth, be sure to lift the hair. Hair should start from the top and gradually go down vertically. For example, fit a scythe with a voluminous top or a cascade of curls. If you decide to "expand" her styling may adversely affect the appearance, visually making you fatter.
Girls tall even with a long dress can wear loose hair. However, it is better to collect them, for example, the popliteus few strands in the back. If you want the character to be more festive, make a low bun or a hairstyle in the Greek style.
When choosing a hairstyle for long dress, the best targets are celebrities. They face this problem very often, because in many events there is a dress code. Picking up styling for long evening dress, look at the successful star ensembles.
For high lady lovely guide will serve as Angelina Jolie. Often with a long dress, the actress wears flowing hair. However, they do not hang just so, and carefully laid. For example, comb the top and tilted back. Or twisted in large curls and is divided into an asymmetrical parting. However, the signature hairstyle Jolie: a strong fleece, pojaviti a few strands along the face and pin back the rest of the hair. Some of them, the actress has on one shoulder.
Another example is Gwyneth Paltrow. The famous girl has a very refined taste and is famous for its dislike of radical experiments. The long dress the actress chooses a very simple hairstyle. For example, is perfectly straight, flowing hair, smooth split parted. Another option: a little rootstock ends. Binding point: the hair should fall at the back on the back and front.
If your height is not very high, take a look, which hairstyle picks long dresses Jessica Alba. Often the girl can be seen with a highly cleaned hair. Or a high bouffant and neatly pinned hair, or stylish bun with bangs asymmetrically located. These hairstyles are perfect for formal and casual looks.
Little growth is different and actress Eva Longoria. To look taller, the girl wears long dresses mind-blowing heels and also makes the right hairstyle. In addition to high beams, the actress loves the usual pony tail. To look elegant, front, hair must be carefully comb and elastic band to hide under a small strand. This hairstyle with a long dress will look gorgeous and perfectly straight, and slightly curled hair.