Treating symptoms of menopause with homeopathy

Due to the fact that homeopathic medicines do not contain the hormone estrogen, they do not solve the problem. Their impact is concentrated on the elimination of symptoms that appear during menopause. Therefore, complications of menopause, such as osteoporosis or problems with the cardiovascular system with the help of homeopathy are not solved. Treatment of menopause with homeopathy is to eliminate insomnia, irritability, depression, as well as reducing the number of tides.

The range of homeopathic medicines

There are a large number of drugs that fight the symptoms of menopause. The most important thing to do with this variety, the correct choice according to the specific case. That way you can feel the result. Professionals homeopathic practitioners believe that more effective at menopause the following drugs:

- Sepia – actively borleias with the tides, which has anti-inflammatory effect, promotes the normalization of blood circulation throughout the body and in the internal genitals, homeopathic remedy;

"Lachesis"– a homeopathic remedy used when there is a large list of diseases, including during menopause. It is often recommend that women with bleeding from different parts of the body that is opened instead of the monthly discharge;

- Actea racemosa" is a drug used exclusively by women, effective for menstrual cramps, (normalizing the blood circulation of uterus and ovaries), to menopause, very effective influence on the body by chest pain, severe uterine pain, radiating to the lower back;

"Glonoin is the perfect product for women who suffer frequent hot flushes, severe headache, feeling a lump in my throat and choking, he copes with vertigo and tinnitus;

"Acidum sulphuricum" – a drug effective in the case of frequent hot flashes (after which comes the state of exhaustion, heavy sweating, trembling, weakness);

- "Gelsemium" is used in the presence of any abnormalities of the genitourinary organs (frequent urination), as well as during menopause and cases where the woman feels constant lethargy, weakness and floaters eyes;

"Pulsatilla" – a tool used for acute and chronic conditions. Helps with dizziness, weakness, headaches, hot flashes, accompanied by trembling of the hands.

There are also combination homeopathic medicines are produced in the form of tablets and syrups ("Remains", "Klimaktoplan" or "Klimadinon"). This form of medium has the maximum effectiveness in menopausal and simplifies the medication.