Menopause occurs in all different ways, depending on the resources of the body and emotional state of the woman. According to statistics every 5th woman carries this period pretty easily, almost without noticing changes in the body. The rest of the ladies, especially those with women's diseases, menopausal syndrome develops, often leading them in the hospital.

The menopause in a woman's life can be substantially alleviated, as by drugs and traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine

Worldwide for the treatment of menopause has been successfully used hormone replacement therapy (HRT), allowing through the introduction of female hormones to repair the body progesterone deficiency and estrogen. This procedure allows at a very early stage to prevent menopausal disorders.

If in this period begin to show signs of psycho-emotional and vegetative-vascular complications to eliminate them can be prescribed different homeopathic medicines. The manifestation of these disorders can help: homeopathic remedies "Klimaktoplan" or "Climaxed" tranquilizer "Grandaxinum", improves cerebral activity drugs are "Piracetam" and "Nootropil, b vitamins.

Herbal medicines

Traditional medicine also offers a fairly large number of herbs that improves the health of climacteric syndrome. Tinctures herbal remedies help to normalize heart rhythm, reduce sweating and help to cope with insomnia, skin itching and other unpleasant manifestations of menopause.

Neurosis you can use an infusion or a tincture of oregano. To prepare a 2 tablespoons herb pour 2 cups boiling water. The resulting brew is consumed in 3 divided doses for 20-30 minutes before eating. Tincture of oregano is manufactured using ethanol. 10 g of grass requires 150 g of alcohol, leave the liquid should be within 7-10 days. This tincture is taken 3-4 times a day, 35-40 drops.

For the normalization of the sex glands in menopause is very suitable sage tea. In addition, sage strengthens the nervous system and reduces sweating. To prepare follows: 2 tablespoons of sage pour 2 cups boiling water. Tincture is taken in equal portions during the day.

Increased nervous excitability and flushes of blood to the head are eliminated by infusion of rhizomes of Valerian. For the infusion will take 5 g of rhizomes and the Cup of boiling water, after 2 hours of infusion fluid should be filtered. Take half a Cup morning and evening.

The best remedy for menopause in folk medicine is considered fresh beet juice. At the first receptions of juice you need to dilute it with boiled water, gradually to small doses of pure juice which should be drunk slowly, in small SIPS.