All preparations used for the relief of symptoms of menopause, divided into two main groups: hormonal and herbal remedies. Throughout the menopause in the female body decreases the level of hormones progesterone and estrogen. In the composition of the hormonal drugs contain synthetic analogues of these hormones. Herbal drugs are based on bioactive substances and enzymes derived from medicinal plants and are mainly used as auxiliary of antidepressant.
Hormones are considered as the only effective way to eliminate the symptoms of menopause. Changing in this period hormonal has an effect on the entire body, therefore, women during menopause may experience diabetes or thyroid disease. In addition, hormonal changes can lead to the appearance of extra weight, exacerbation of chronic diseases and increase the risk of osteoporosis. Hormone replacement therapy can avoid these complications. The most common drugs on the basis of the synthetic hormones are "Siglin", "Dermestril", "Divigel", "Climar", "Ovestin", "Minorest" and "Atarax".
Herbal drugs in the treatment of menopause is prescribed as adjuvant or prophylactic agents. Also resorted to them in cases when a woman is contraindicated the treatment of traditional hormonal therapy, such as having diseases of the liver and kidneys, diabetes, severe or tumors. The most common herbal remedies used during menopause are "Inokom", "Klimadinon", "Aliter", "Clipit" and "Tribestan". Despite the fact that these funds are made on the basis of natural components, they should be used only on the advice of a doctor.
A separate group of drugs used to relieve symptoms of menopause, is a various homeopathic remedies. They are no less popular than the classic drugs for the treatment of menopause because they do not have pronounced side effects, but at the same time are considered to be less effective. Homeopathic drugs intended for the relief of climacteric syndrome are the drugs "Remains", "Climaxed", "Klimaktoplan" and "Climact-Hel".