The rules of melting

Before melting chocolate in the microwave, be sure to choose a product. So, it is better suited to black or milk chocolate, which contains at least 50% cocoa, and nuts, raisins and other toppings are completely absent. White chocolate is also suitable for melting, however, the decoration of confectionery products with it can occur a lot of trouble. Not suitable for this purpose and aerated chocolate.

After selecting chocolate should be correctly fit – ideally it should be a ceramic container without patterns and metal elements or deep bowl made of heat-resistant glass. The recommended chocolate to melt at low or medium capacity microwave ovens to boil and not burnt.

The container in which the melted chocolate should remain slightly warm or even cold after a few minutes in a continuously operating microwave oven. If it becomes too hot, the chocolate will overheat – in this case, instantly pour it into another cold bowl, add whole pieces of chocolate and constantly stir until they are melting. Also, when using the microwave, you should ensure that the chocolate started to boil around the edges.

The process of melting

For melting the chocolate in the microwave you need to break the tile into pieces and put in microwave on 50% temperature – this will avoid burning of the product. If the model of the microwave oven does not support manual exposure temperature, the chocolate should be heated for short time intervals and continually stir it in between periods of heating. Also if the microwave is no problem, a bowl of chocolate need to be rotated manually. By melting chocolate should be stirred continuously until, until it reaches a shiny, smooth and silky.

The exact time of the melting of a chocolate bar depends on the power of the microwave oven, melt the quantity of product and amount of cocoa butter in chocolate, so it is quite difficult to determine. Approximately you can target 1 minute by melting 30-50 grams of chocolate, 3 minutes for 240 grams, 3.5 minutes for 450-500 grams and 4 minutes for 1 kilogram of sugar. A small amount of chocolate is better to melt for 30 seconds to 1 minute, stirring constantly between heating and rotating a container of chocolate in the absence of a turning circle.