Features baking in the microwave

To cookies managed, consider a few important points. For cooking in a microwave oven, the dough must contain more liquid. The mass must be carefully removed, fully dissolving the sugar crystals. If sugar is not dissolved, it will burn. The surface can be sprinkled with powdered, colored sugar crumbs, chocolate chips, pour the glaze. The exception is dark chocolate chip cookies, it looks beautiful and without any additional decor. Do not bake the product for too long - depending on the recipe, the cooking process will take 1-5 minutes.

Chocolate chip cookies

You will need:

- 100 g of dark chocolate without additives;
- 1 egg;
- 0.25 Cup of wheat flour;
- 0.25 Cup of sugar;
2 tbsp of butter.

Chocolate break into pieces, add to a microwave bowl. Add the butter and melt the mixture in a furnace. Egg whisk with sugar - it should completely dissolve. Pour the egg mixture into the chocolate and flour and stir until smooth.

Microwaveable dish cover the baking paper and with a spoon place a small pellet. Bake at maximum power for 1 minute. After the cycle has finished, allow the cookies to stand still a little in the microwave, then carefully remove it. Serve warm or completely cooled.

Lemon cookies

In this recipe, bitter-sour taste of lemon peel successfully set off the white chocolate.

You will need:

- 200 g of butter;
- 200 grams of wheat flour;
- 60 g icing sugar;
- 4 tbsp finely sliced lemon peel;
- 4 tablespoons of starch;
- 100 g white chocolate;
2 tbsp cream or milk.

Soften the butter and RUB it well with powdered sugar. Add thinly sliced lemon zest and starch. Stir in the sifted flour and knead soft dough. On floured Board roll it into a not too thin layer. A glass or metal with a notch cut out the cookies. Lay it on a plate for the microwave, sprinkle with flour. Bake products at medium power for 5 minutes. Cookies should remain light and soft. Remove from microwave and cool slightly.

White chocolate break into pieces, pour in the cream and melt in the microwave. With a spoon drizzle the cookies with hot glaze. Each piece can be decorated with sugar beads. Let chocolate harden and serve cakes for tea.