You will need
    • pan;
    • deep frying pan;
    • small metal or ceramic container;
    • plug;
    • capacity for microwaves.
So, you need to cut the recipe amount of butter and to speed up the process, cut him into small pieces. The smaller the pieces are, the faster the butter will melt".
Method the first. To melt butter oil directly over the fire, take a small iron saucepan or Turku. If you take a saucepan, it should be small, so the oil leaked on the bottom and not burning. It is possible to use ceramic dishes, however, in an iron container you melt the oil much faster.Put the pieces of butter into the container. Turn on medium heat. With one hand take a container of oiland hold m to fire. It is best to keep a container of oilm the weight at a distance of 1-2 cm above the burner, and not to put directly on the fire. With the other hand take a fork and stir the oil in the tank.If you see that the oil begins to boil, raise the capacity slightly above should fire. Don't let the oil boil or it will lose beneficial properties.Constantly stirring the oil and then bringing the capacity to the fire, then removing it a little further from the fire, until all the butter does not "melt".
The second way. To melt butter oil to the steam bath, place on high heat a large saucepan with water and bring to the boil. A pot in which to boil water, put the grill on top. Put small pieces of butter in a small ceramic or steel container. And put the container on top of the grates over the boiling water.Take a fork and stir the pieces of butter until they are melted.
The third way.To melt butter oil can in a water bath.To do this, take a small container, put in it the chopped butter.In a deep frying pan with boiling water place a container with oilm and stir until completely dissolved lumps of butter.
The fourth method.If you have a microwave, you can melt the butter oil with it.Take a container intended for use in a microwave oven, put cut into small pieces oil.Put the container of oilm in the microwave, cover it with special protective cover and set the time no more than 10-20 seconds.