Example of such events can be a themed exhibition of children's drawings entitled "My Motherland - Russia". Participants are required to offer a choice of several options for the preparation of competitive works.
"My Motherland on the map." The participants should represent the country on the map or globe. On political maps Russia is highlighted in pink, but in this case it is necessary to allow children to be creative. Let them paint the country in accordance with their ideas about how should look the Motherland. You can specify the capital or your city boundaries with other countries.
"Nature Of Russia". In this category, children must to portray the beauty of the fields, birch forests, natural features of the area in which they live. If the competition is held, for example, in the city of Sochi, where nature does not correspond to the standard notions of the Russian land, pictures need to come up with appropriate names. The drawing of a palm tree, you can make a review of the "South sister birches".
Peculiarities of the national character." You can play the dolls, the dishes painted Khokhloma or Gzhel, women and men in national costumes, traditional holidays (Shrovetide or Easter). All appropriate, that highlights the breadth of the Russian soul.