You will need
    • Selfmade jelly, with fruits.
    • gelatin (sachet of 20 g)
    • water (1 Cup)
    • granulated sugar (1/2 Cup)
    • berry or fruit juice (1 Cup)
    • pieces of fruits and berries
    • jam ( 4 tablespoons)
    • split form or parchment paper
    • Jelly sachet
    • bag fruit jelly (1 piece)
    • wine (100 ml)
    • granulated sugar (1/2 Cup)
    • split form or parchment paper
    • Jelly to fill the cake
    • a bag of jelly to fill the cake
    • juice or water (250 ml)
    • granulated sugar (2 tbsp.)
    • culinary brush
Selfmade jelly, with fruit

Gelatin powder soak in a glass of cold boiled water. Allow gelatin to swell for 30 minutes. In a saucepan pour berries or fruit juice, add the sugar. Boil. Cool slightly and pour the swollen gelatine. With constant stirring to fully dissolve the gelatin. Strain into a deep bowl. Add the liquid fruit pieces and berries. Cool to slightly viscous state.
Ready cake cover with a thin layer of jam or marmalade. The product must be in the form of detachable, the sides of which above the level of the cake. If you do not have this form, then wrap the cake tightly with parchment paper. Jelly should not drip off the edges. Chilled jelly with fruit, pour on a layer of jam and put the cake in the fridge.
Jelly from a bag.

Soak the jelly from the sachet, as described in the instructions. In a bowl mix the wine with sugar, pour the dissolved jelly and bring to a boil. Constantly stir to grains jelly is fully dissolved. Cool.
The top of the cake, which is in the form of detachable or wrapped with parchment paper, put nicely sliced fruit. Tablespoon, slowly pour the fruit in a thin layer and let the jelly cool down. It is best to just put the cake in the fridge for 10 minutes. Then remove and pour the remaining jelly. Put to freeze.
Jelly to fill the cake.

The dry mix from a bag mix with sugar, cover with water or juice, put on fire. Boil for one minute. Cake decorated with fruit or berries, well cool in the fridge. This jelly dries fast, so put on the cake it must be hot.
Options applied to the cake may be two. Or you just pour all the jelly on the cake. Spread it evenly over the surface, starting from the middle to the edges. Or take a cooking brush. Dip it in jello and paint fruit or berry layer to your decoration top was brilliant and fresh.