Advice 1: How to cover cake jelly

Jelly paint will give a beautiful gloss to the fruit laid on the surface of the cake. And if you make the jelly layer thicker, it will add the dessert not only beautiful appearance, but also additional taste. You can cook jelly independently or take advantage of the semi-finished product. The main thing is to put it on the cake.
How to cover cake jelly
You will need
  • - prefabricated gelatin or jelly;
  • cream or frosting;
  • - fruit for decoration.
Decide how you will prepare the jelly. You can buy a cake mix taste like an orange, strawberries or other fruit or cook the product yourself. If you have settled on the final version, you need only water. Boil it and pour the mix in the proportions indicated on the package. Stir the jelly until crystals dissolve, cool and pour cake.
For handwritten cooking product purchase gelatin in powder, capsules or sheets. Soak it in cold water, wring, place in preheated juice or water mixed with syrup. Warm the mixture to dissolve the gelatin, stirring constantly.
The finished jelly should be applied on the surface of the cake. If you plan to put it in a thick layer, pick a split form. Its walls should slightly higher than the cake. In the absence of a suitable form it can be rolled from thick paper. Coat the baked and cooled cake with layer of cream or icing is necessary to ensure that the cake does not dry.
Cool ready the jelly, but do not let him freeze. Gently spread it over the glaze with a spoon and place the cake to harden in a cool place. Before casting, can be decomposed on the surface of the figurines made of chocolate, sugar beads, nuts or berries.
If you want to decorate transparent layer, will have to wait till its fully cured. After jelly will acquire the necessary density, carefully place on cake decorative elements – flowers, decorations, marzipan, mastic, or chocolate.
Another option for decorating – layered jelly. This cake looks wonderful when cut. Prepare two or three kinds of jellies in different colors – for example, cherry, milk and orange. Pour the cake surface with the first layer. Wait for its full curing and pour a second and a third layer of jelly.
Very nice looking cakes with fruit, laid over the entire surface. To cut fruits and berries retain the juiciness and acquired elegant gloss, they need to cover with a thin layer of jelly. Take uncured ready weight and a pastry brush or a teaspoon, apply it to the surface. Do not skimp – the jelly should cover all the fruit. Let the mass cool down.

Advice 2 : How to decorate cake jelly

Make bright beautiful jelly for decoration cake is very simple. And if a little dream, the dessert will be an ornament to any table. Sweet treat is made based on fruit, berries, juices, dairy products. Pour the molten mass is possible even rose petals or flowers of cornflower. Homemade cake is also decorated with figurines carved from frozen jelly, but you can still do the whole flapping in the wind layer with the slices of various fruits.
How to decorate cake jelly
You will need
  • Jelly for the manufacture of the figurines:
  • - gelatin (30 g);
  • - berries (250g);
  • - food coloring;
  • - water (2 cups);
  • - sugar (0.5 cups);
  • - cookie cutters;
  • - thin knife;
  • - a tray or large platter.
  • Fruit jelly:
  • - gelatin (2 tbsp.);
  • - fruit juice (1 glass);
  • - water (1 Cup);
  • - fresh berries (raspberries, blueberries);
  • - split form.
Jelly for the manufacture of figurines.Boil and cool kettle with water. Pour a glass of water in a bowl and pour all the gelatin out of the bag. Leave to swell for half an hour.
Disassemble the berries. If you plan to make multi-colored figures, then pour Jell-o in different containers. Transparent bright colors you can get from cranberries, black currants, cherries. White opaque jelly obtained from milk or cream, the green color can be made by adding dissolved gelatin food coloring.
Rinse the berries and squeeze the juice. Crush the berries in a juicer or in a blender. Obtained pure juice put in the fridge, cake and pour a glass of water, add the sugar and boil for 5 minutes. Strain. Broth pour into a saucepan, and thick throw.
Melt the soaked gelatine in a saucepan on a slow fire or in a water "bath". Strain the liquid into a saucepan with berry mixture. Bring to the boil and pour in the juice from the fridge. Stir.
Pour hot jelly onto a tray and shaped molds. The layer should be no thicker than 1 see Put in the refrigerator to harden.
Remove from the refrigerator frozen jelly. To jelly well behind the walls and bottoms of the shapes, drag a few seconds with a jet of hot air from a hair dryer on the reverse side of the tins or tray. A small container can be dipped in hot water. Ready jelly figures out of the tins nicely, place on a homemade cake.
Make figures out of a thin layer of solidified Jell-o on the tray. They can be cut special shaped molds for cookies. And you can make a knife for himself the outlines of simple figures - leaves, stars, circles.
Fruit jelly.Soak gelatin in a glass of boiled cooled water and leave for 30 minutes.
Spread top of cake with a thin layer of a suitable taste of jam or marmalade. The cake should be in the form of detachable so that the sides were above his level.
Completely melt the gelatin over low heat and strain. In the transparent liquid pour fruit juice and again bring to a boil.
Cool the jelly until slightly chewy state and pour it on the surface of the prepared cake.
Beautiful place berries raspberries and blueberries in the still liquid jelly. Leave the cake to harden in the refrigerator.
Useful advice
Try to color jellies and fruit used in harmony with each other.

Advice 3 : Quick and easy recipe biscuit cake with fruit

Sponge cake with fruit easy and delicious dessert that is perfect for a holiday table or a ladies ' get-togethers. It is especially delicious in the summer when you can use fresh instead of frozen fruit from your own garden. But in winter you can easily get out of the situation, replacing with fresh strawberries, bananas, kiwi and tinned peaches.
Quick and easy recipe biscuit cake with fruit

Sponge cake with fruit on the cream of the cream

To prepare this cake you will need the following products:

For Korzh:
- eggs – 5 PCs.;
- sugar 150 g;
- flour – 150 g ;
- starch - 50 g;
- baking powder for test – 1 tbsp;
- walnuts peeled – 2 tbsp;
- pinch of vanilla.

For the cream:
- sour cream 20% fat 350 ;
- cheese "Al" - 150 g;
- powdered sugar 100 g;
milk ¼ Cup;
- gelatin 1 tbsp;
- canned peaches.

Fruit to decorate:
- canned peaches, kiwi, cranberry, coconut, jelly cake.

How to cook sponge cake

Separate the whites from the yolks. Whites and vanilla beat with a mixer, gradually powdering them in the sugar. Whisk until then, until you get a tight white foam. Rabbanite the yolks separately in a glass, pour in the foam and mix gently.

2 times sift the flour and starch together with the baking powder add to the protein foam. Chop the nuts and put it after the flour. The whole mass very gently stir with a spoon so that the foam is not settled.

Pre-heat oven to 180oC. The resulting dough is put in a baking dish and bake at this temperature for 30-35 minutes. Upon expiration, remove the cake from the oven and let it cool, laying out of shape.

Sour cream

In ¼ Cup of milk mix the gelatin and leave to swell. Then heat the milk to grains of gelatine dissolved.
Whisk the cream with the icing sugar, add the cream cheese and whisk again until smooth and fluffy.
Add to the mix the milk with the gelatin and stir. Set aside in a separate container (Cup, glass) 4 tbsp cream. In the rest, add the canned or fresh peaches, cut them small pieces - cubes.

The decoration of the cake

The cooled sponge cake (it needs to get you high) carefully cut into two layers of equal thickness. This can be done with a knife, floss for your teeth or a strong fishing line. This cake is well cool, then make a neat incision around the perimeter, skip back to the thread and evenly moving it to the sides, cut the cake. If the edges of the cake turned out dry and crispy, carefully cut them with a knife.

The bottom cake put on the dish and put in it all the cream. Then cover it on top with the second cake layer and over top and sides of the cake delayed cream without fruit.

Can now include all their imagination and beautifully decorate the top of cake with fruit. To the fruit looked appetizing, not a little dried out and shone, fill them with a special jelly cake. The instructions are written on the package of jelly on the back side.

The last stage is decoration of finished cake coconut. It is necessary to cover the sides and top of cake. Can coconut flakes add and confectionery powder.
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