You will need
  • - prefabricated gelatin or jelly;
  • cream or frosting;
  • - fruit for decoration.
Decide how you will prepare the jelly. You can buy a cake mix taste like an orange, strawberries or other fruit or cook the product yourself. If you have settled on the final version, you need only water. Boil it and pour the mix in the proportions indicated on the package. Stir the jelly until crystals dissolve, cool and pour cake.
For handwritten cooking product purchase gelatin in powder, capsules or sheets. Soak it in cold water, wring, place in preheated juice or water mixed with syrup. Warm the mixture to dissolve the gelatin, stirring constantly.
The finished jelly should be applied on the surface of the cake. If you plan to put it in a thick layer, pick a split form. Its walls should slightly higher than the cake. In the absence of a suitable form it can be rolled from thick paper. Coat the baked and cooled cake with layer of cream or icing is necessary to ensure that the cake does not dry.
Cool ready the jelly, but do not let him freeze. Gently spread it over the glaze with a spoon and place the cake to harden in a cool place. Before casting, can be decomposed on the surface of the figurines made of chocolate, sugar beads, nuts or berries.
If you want to decorate transparent layer, will have to wait till its fully cured. After jelly will acquire the necessary density, carefully place on cake decorative elements – flowers, decorations, marzipan, mastic, or chocolate.
Another option for decorating – layered jelly. This cake looks wonderful when cut. Prepare two or three kinds of jellies in different colors – for example, cherry, milk and orange. Pour the cake surface with the first layer. Wait for its full curing and pour a second and a third layer of jelly.
Very nice looking cakes with fruit, laid over the entire surface. To cut fruits and berries retain the juiciness and acquired elegant gloss, they need to cover with a thin layer of jelly. Take uncured ready weight and a pastry brush or a teaspoon, apply it to the surface. Do not skimp – the jelly should cover all the fruit. Let the mass cool down.