Advice 1: How to cover cake jelly

Jelly paint will give a beautiful gloss to the fruit laid on the surface of the cake. And if you make the jelly layer thicker, it will add the dessert not only beautiful appearance, but also additional taste. You can cook jelly independently or take advantage of the semi-finished product. The main thing is to put it on the cake.
How to cover cake jelly
You will need
  • - prefabricated gelatin or jelly;
  • cream or frosting;
  • - fruit for decoration.
Decide how you will prepare the jelly. You can buy a cake mix taste like an orange, strawberries or other fruit or cook the product yourself. If you have settled on the final version, you need only water. Boil it and pour the mix in the proportions indicated on the package. Stir the jelly until crystals dissolve, cool and pour cake.
For handwritten cooking product purchase gelatin in powder, capsules or sheets. Soak it in cold water, wring, place in preheated juice or water mixed with syrup. Warm the mixture to dissolve the gelatin, stirring constantly.
The finished jelly should be applied on the surface of the cake. If you plan to put it in a thick layer, pick a split form. Its walls should slightly higher than the cake. In the absence of a suitable form it can be rolled from thick paper. Coat the baked and cooled cake with layer of cream or icing is necessary to ensure that the cake does not dry.
Cool ready the jelly, but do not let him freeze. Gently spread it over the glaze with a spoon and place the cake to harden in a cool place. Before casting, can be decomposed on the surface of the figurines made of chocolate, sugar beads, nuts or berries.
If you want to decorate transparent layer, will have to wait till its fully cured. After jelly will acquire the necessary density, carefully place on cake decorative elements – flowers, decorations, marzipan, mastic, or chocolate.
Another option for decorating – layered jelly. This cake looks wonderful when cut. Prepare two or three kinds of jellies in different colors – for example, cherry, milk and orange. Pour the cake surface with the first layer. Wait for its full curing and pour a second and a third layer of jelly.
Very nice looking cakes with fruit, laid over the entire surface. To cut fruits and berries retain the juiciness and acquired elegant gloss, they need to cover with a thin layer of jelly. Take uncured ready weight and a pastry brush or a teaspoon, apply it to the surface. Do not skimp – the jelly should cover all the fruit. Let the mass cool down.

Advice 2: How to make a cake in the shape of the female breast

Many representatives of a strong half of mankind are a terrible sweet tooth. To impress modern men with culinary delights hard. However, the original cake with an erotic design is sure to be appreciated even experienced a sweet tooth.
How to make a cake in the shape of the female breast
A cake in the shape of the female breast will be a good gift for a man. To construct such a little culinary masterpiece will not be easy, but your efforts will not be in vain and after will be richly rewarded by the gratitude of the man she loved. A cake in the shape of the female breast is just like any other normal. The only difference is in its form. So the main thing that you must understand, this is a step by step plan for creating a "sweet bust". To start, bake two sponge "cap" and make a soufflé.

Recipe basics

- flour – 100 g;
- sugar – 150 g;
- eggs - 4 PCs.;
- vanilla – 1 teaspoon (15 grams).


Break the eggs and carefully separate the whites from the yolks. Last place in a bowl, add 75 g sugar and vanilla. Whisk these ingredients until a homogeneous white mass.

Beat with a mixer proteins in a another bowl, gradually adding the remaining sugar. The resulting mass should be combined and thoroughly mixed, gradually vsypaya flour.

Put the resulting dough in shape. Bake the cakes in a preheated 180 degree oven for about half an hour.

Recipe of souffle

- glass of milk;
- 35 g of gelatin;
- 250 g of butter;
- a glass of water;
- 1.5 cups of sugar;
- 8 eggs;
- 1 tbsp flour;
- ¼ Tsp of vanilla.


Soak the gelatine in cold water. Leave him alone for 20 minutes.

Separate the yolks from the whites. The last bowl in the fridge and mash the yolks with half the sugar.

Pour a thin stream of milk and flour and stir all until a homogeneous mass. Then put it on a steam bath and bring to a boil with continuous stirring. Then let the mixture cool.

Beat the butter white. Add it to the cooled mixture. Stir in the vanilla and whisk a soufflé future of blender.

Heat gelatin until dissolved, then cool. At this time, whip the whites into stiff foam, gradually adding sugar.

Drain the stream of gelatin into the whites. Then carefully mix them with the cream. Souffle is ready!

How to make a cake in the shape of the breast

Ready soft sponge cakes place in a deep spherical container, for example, a deep plate. After the cake will take shape, fill it with the souffle to the brim capacity.
Optional cover with top layer of cream with another cake.

Filled with cakes and soufflé dish put in a cooler for about 10-12 hours. After this time remove from the plates of the workpiece bust and lubricate them with cream, then place in a cooling chamber until then, until they freeze.
Instead purchased a cream you can coat the cakes with condensed milk, after mixing it with butter.

Now that your main ingredients ready for the decoration of the cake, cut with the inner sides of the "cups sweet bust" two small vertical stripes. They need in order to form a hollow connecting two spherical workpieces - parts of the future breast.

The final touch is the design of the cake using mastic. It can be easy to find in the pastry Department of many supermarkets. Thin (but not too) roll the fondant and cut out triangle neckline to the chest, then gently apply it to the workpiece. Do the same for the rest of the bust – roll out the fondant, cut out detail in the form of her tight bra and put on the cake.

If you wish, you can make nipples for a cake in the shape of the female breast. For this form of mastic small balls and put them under a layer of mastic of the bodice. All the remaining detail design of the original cake is completely subordinated to your imagination.

Advice 3: The history of the cake "Prague"

The legendary chocolate cake "Prague", like many culinary masterpieces, has a history. The author of "Prague" is a famous Moscow confectioner Vladimir Guralnick. This cake, created over 40 years ago and today is very popular.
Created in the 70-ies of the last century, the "Prague" cake and are very popular today

Cake "Prague" and its Creator

Cake "Prague" is irrelevant to the capital of the Czech Republic. Its history is closely connected with the confectionery shop of the Moscow restaurant "Prague", which was opened in honor of the decade of liberation of Prague from Nazi invaders.

In 1955 in the pastry shop of a restaurant got a job as a sixteen year old Vladimir Guralnick. Passing a long a way from the assistant to master pastry chef, he is in 1969, led the workshop.

Menu of restaurant "Prague" consisted of dishes of national Czech cuisine, so often to exchange experiences to the capital of the USSR came the cooks and confectioners from Czechoslovakia. There is a perception that they have brought to Moscow the original recipe for the cake "Prague", which was attended by 4 types of butter cream, was used liqueurs "Benedictine" and "Chartreuse" and the cakes soaked with rum exclusively. Subsequently, the confectioners of the restaurant significantly changed this recipe so there were many favorite chocolate dessert. However, this version of the famous baking is not confirmed by the facts. On the contrary, in the Czech cooking, the recipe for the cake "Prague" is missing.

Authorship has become a culinary symbol of the USSR dessert belongs to head of the confectionary shop at the Praga restaurant – Vladimir Mikhailovich Guralnik. He invented more than 30 original recipes, including not less famous cakes "bird's milk", "Zdenka", "Wenceslas".

Another myth about the creation of the cake "Prague" – it is a paraphrase of a famous Viennese cake "Sacher". Purely visually, these desserts are similar, but they have nothing in common. One of the advantages of "Prague" - the original butter cream and Sacher cake is dry and it is prepared without cream.

Many Housewives tried to bake "Prague" at home, picking up and varying the ingredients. Now posted the recipe for this cake, corresponding to GOST and have the opportunity to cook the famous cake all the rules.

Cake "Prague" according to GOST

Traditional cake "Prague" GOST has a round shape and consists of 3 layers of a biscuit semifinished product Praha, connected with cream "Prague". The top and sides of cake covered with apricot jam and blue chocolate Fudge, which is creamy pattern.

GOST for making pound cake requires 472 grams of cake "Prague", 359 grams of cream "Prague", 116 grams of chocolate fondant and 53 grams of fruit or berry jam (preferably apricot).

In the manufacture of cake used wheat flour, natural butter, cocoa powder, eggs, sugar, sweetened whole condensed milk, starch syrup, fruit essence, and apricot marmalade or jam.

Advice 4: Cake recipes with Jell-o and cookies

There are many different desserts that can be prepared without baking in the oven. One of the most beautiful and delicious cake with biscuits and jelly. This cake may look spectacular on the table and is perfect for those who don't like to mess with the oven.
Cake recipes with Jell-o and cookies

A light airy dessert

To cook light, delicate jelly cake, take:

- jelly bags in different colors – 3-4 pieces.;
- gelatin – 30 g;
- sour cream – 1 liter;
- sugar – 200 g;
- bananas – 2 PCs.;
kiwi – 2 pieces;
- orange – 1 PC.;
- Mandarin – 1 PC.;
vanillin – to taste;
- sweet dry biscuits – 500 g

First prepare the jelly according to the instructions on the package. To jelly turned out more dense, add a little less water than instructed. To pour pour the jelly into shapes with a thickness of about 2 cm (or deep plates). Frozen jelly cut with a knife into small cubes and pour into a large bowl. There also put the peeled and diced or small slices of kiwi, orange, tangerine and bananas.

Then take the cream and whisk with sugar, add a little vanilla. Dissolve gelatin in hot water and gradually pour in the cream, stirring constantly. In a separate bowl, mix fruit, jelly cubes, and biscuits, and then pour a mixture of whipped cream with the gelatin and set aside to chill in a cool place. When the cake hardens, dip the bowl in hot water for a few seconds, the edges of the dessert away from the dish, and flip the finished cake onto a plate.

Layer cake, jelly and biscuits

For making a bright layer cake of Jell-o take:

- peaches – 1 PC.;
- green grapes – 15-20 berries;
- kiwi – 1 PC.;
- banana – 2 PCs;
- raspberry or strawberry – 30-40 PCs.;
- orange – 2 pieces;
- sour cream – 400 ml;
- milk – 150 ml;
- sugar – 200 g;
- gelatin – 25 g;
- jelly bags – 3 PCs;
- sweet dry biscuits – 300 g

It is recommended to use jelly different colors – red, yellow and green.
First, take the form for the cake and the bottom is nicely put kiwi, nectarine, grapes and bananas (this will be the top of the cake). Hydrate green jelly, preheat and fill with fruit. Place the bowl in the refrigerator to the first layer of the cake is frozen. At this time dilute with hot water red jelly and set aside to chill. When the first layer of the cake hardens, put on top of berries and fill them with red jelly. Again, put the form in the refrigerator.

At this time, peel the oranges and cut into small circles. Remove the form with the cake, put the second layer of oranges and pour the yellow jello. Submit the form in the refrigerator. At this time, join in the preparation of the last cake layer: mix sour cream with sugar and add the diluted gelatin in warm milk and biscuits. Quickly pour the last layer in the form of a cake and place the dessert in the refrigerator until fully cured. Flip the finished cake on a large platter and decorate to taste.
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