Green eyes

Green eyes are attributed magical properties. And there are even special horoscopes which give the interpretation of the character's eye color. Green-eyed beauties peculiar principled, stubborn nature.
They are popular and respected among his friends and acquaintances. It is easy to achieve their goals and is able to withstand the difficulties. Have good intuition and there is a mystery.

But how to choose such eyes hair color? To address this issue should be approached seriously. Nature originally gave you your under eyes the shade of hair. Most often in green-eyed beauties black, chestnut or brown hair. There are rare women with red hair. If you have any of these colors, then you are lucky. They all look great with your eye color. But what if your hair is not bright enough? Or you want to change and have decided on a painting? Then you should, first of all, imagine what hair color would you like to see yourself, and whether he goes for your face shape, skin tone and eye color?

Natural color

You should pay attention to your natural hair color. Not all paint can, for example, to repaint a brunette to a redhead or even blonde. If you are unsure of the end result of painting in a particular color, it is best to seek the advice of to a beauty salon or personal hairdresser.

About the color of the face there is a rule – if the skin is pale, it is better to use warm colors.
Women with light skin and green eyes, well suited to all the warm shades of Golden, brown, red and red. For pale skin it is better not to choose blonde, platinum and ashy shades.
If you have dark skin tone, you better go cool shades. Owners age spots and freckles on the face fit the Golden hues. If your skin has properties much blush in the wind, covered with reddish spots, then you should not use red color.

Which color is better?

Women with green eyes should pay attention to such colors: light brown, red, honey, Golden blond and light brown. If the eyes are a cold shade of green without any inclusions, you'll like the cool shades colors: silver, pearl, light brown and ash. If the iris is Golden or brown blotches, you'd better choose warm colors, such as: wheat, brown and red. However, remember that dark shades of hair better than light-colored shade and emphasize green eyes.