To add videos to a Facebook group you can not only in case, if you are an administrator. Theoretically this can be done by any community member - of course, if videos are "open", that is, the addition of video participants is not prohibited by the administrators group.
So, in order to add a video to the group, you should open the video group. The top of the page, on the right, you will see a blue rectangular button that says "Add video". Click on it.
You have three ways to add video. The easiest way to add videos from videos from your page. At the bottom of the opened window you need to click on the words "add to my videos or search". In the opened window you can choose videos ever added to your video archive Vkontakte.
The second method. At the top of this window there is a search bar: you can choose any video of all loaded Vkontakte. It is not necessary to add it to your page. Just enter in this line the name of the video and all found, select the one you want, just by clicking on the desired video clip.
The third way is to boot from the computer. If you need a video stored in your computer but not yet uploaded to any Internet hosting, upload Vkontakte. To do this, click on "Add video" in advance, enter a name and description of the video, and then click on the "Upload video". Please note: if you put a check next to "publish to the group page," the video added in the Videos and on the "wall" of the community — so it will notice and see more people.