You will need
  • browser.
The easiest and most obvious way to get an address that you can send to your friends as links to videos, is to copy from the address bar of the browser. In order to do this, open the page with the video. Clicking on the address bar of the browser, which you can see under the main menu, highlight the content. Copy the highlighted address to the clipboard with Ctrl+C. If the address bar in your browser is missing, use the menu "View". Selecting the option "toolbars", tick the checkbox "navigation Bar" or "address Bar". The name of the panel with the address bar depends on the browser that is installed on your computer.Copy the address of video page, you can paste it with Ctrl+V in the record on the wall in the social network, private message, email or chat. If the video is not protected with privacy settings, your friends will be able to follow the link by clicking it, and view the video.
You can send a link to the video with the option "Send" or "Share". In the English interfaces is the Share option. In order to use this option, click the "Send" button or text "Share", which is usually located under the player window. On YouTube after clicking on this button you will get the option to copy is already selected direct address of the video, which can be inserted into the message. When using this option in relation to videos posted on social networks, there is the possibility of placing links to your own wall or the wall of the selected user from among friends.
On YouTube there is the option of sending links to the e-mail address. To take advantage of this opportunity, click the "Send" button. After that, click "Send by email. mail. Enter your email address and, optionally, text messages. Click on the "Send" button. The owner of the email address will get your link even if he has no own account on YouTube.
On many video streaming sites, there is a possibility of linking in social networks. In order to do this, click the social network you are registered in your account. In the window that appears, enter a comment to the link. When sending to Facebook the user can, by selecting the appropriate item from the drop-down list, place a link on your wall, on the wall of your friend or send link in personal message. To send a link in a message, you must enter the name of the user you want to message and click "Send".