Advice 1: How to send video to a friend

Social network a long time ago to allow for the exchange of messages between users. But in addition text messages can be sent and various video files. To do this quite easily.
How to send video to a friend
You will need
  • Computer with Internet access, the video files on the computer or on the Internet, check in to one of the social networks.
In social networks "Classmates" and "My world" send a video file you can only a link placed in a message. To do this in the address bar copy the video link and go to a friend's profile whom you want to send video. Select the function "send a message"to open the window. Tapping in the blank window, right-click, select "Paste" and click on it once with left mouse button. After the link appears in the message – send it to the user.
In the same way you can send the video link to friends on Facebook. In this social network you can send the user videos directly from your computer. To do this, go to the page my friend. In the top right of the photo, locate the option "Create message". Next to it click on the words "Photo/Video". Before you open the window. Optionally, you can record video from web camera and send it without closing the profile page.
To upload videos from your computer, click on the option "Upload photo/video". In the opened window click on "Browse" and select the video file on your computer, then click on "Open" and then click "Publish" on the page user Facebook.
On the website "Vkontakte" send video to friend you in two ways – in private messages or on the wall. To place the roller on the wall, visit a friend. Click on the box "Write message", then on the option "Attach" and select "Video". In the opened window you can choose a file from the list of your videos or to find it on search. Then, by clicking "Send" you put it on a friend's wall.
To send video in messages, open the window "New message" and exactly the same via the button "Attach", perform the actions.
By submitting a video, you can also write the message to the original comment to this video.

Advice 2 : How to download a video in the "Classmates"

Social network "Odnoklassniki" is not the most simple from the point of view of convenience of the interface. Many features on this website are simple and accessible, as, for example, in the simplest of "Vkontakte". Including thousands of social network users daily can't find the answer to a simple question: how to add video?
How to download a video in the "Classmates"

How to add private video to your account?

To your computer to add video file on website "Odnoklassniki", you need at the top is orange, in the right corner to find the Videos button with an appropriate icon. After clicking this link the user gets to the page, which contains the last added by other users videos that are most popular today in social network video.
To add a video from your account, you need to go to the tab with the button "Video" on the top orange bar of the site.

In the upper left corner on a dark background lies an inconspicuous link button "Add video" - it should start downloading the file. After pressing the button will open the window "My video" where in the upper part in the middle of the screen there is a button "Upload file" which takes the user to the download window. First you need to choose the video from the folder on your computer will start downloading a file to the site "Classmates". While you're downloading, you need to specify the name of the video and keywords.

How to add videos to a group?

To add a video to the group in the "Classmates", or you need to have administrator rights, or to the group were provided an opportunity for all group members to upload video files. The right side of the line, immediately under the name of the group is
Button "Video". You need to go through it to get the window with all the available videos of this group, and using the link "Add video" icon camcorder user opens the download window. You must select a file from a folder on your computer and specify the title, description and keywords to the record, and then begin the file upload from the user's computer to the disk space of the site "Classmates".

How to add video from YouTube or other video hosting?

The easiest option to add video in the "Classmates" - to provide a link to YouTube or Vimeo in a personal note or news. groups.

In a social network "Schoolmates" to put the video located on YouTube, Vimeo or any other similar website – store video, it is possible not to resort to the long process of downloading the file. Simply in my own notes from your personal account or in the news of a group to specify a link to a specific video on YouTube, then wait a few seconds. Link when publishing the "turn" in the window of the video player that any user can start play by clicking "start". Nothing complicated!
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