You will need
  • Computer with Internet access, the video files on the computer or on the Internet, check in to one of the social networks.
In social networks "Classmates" and "My world" send a video file you can only a link placed in a message. To do this in the address bar copy the video link and go to a friend's profile whom you want to send video. Select the function "send a message"to open the window. Tapping in the blank window, right-click, select "Paste" and click on it once with left mouse button. After the link appears in the message – send it to the user.
In the same way you can send the video link to friends on Facebook. In this social network you can send the user videos directly from your computer. To do this, go to the page my friend. In the top right of the photo, locate the option "Create message". Next to it click on the words "Photo/Video". Before you open the window. Optionally, you can record video from web camera and send it without closing the profile page.
To upload videos from your computer, click on the option "Upload photo/video". In the opened window click on "Browse" and select the video file on your computer, then click on "Open" and then click "Publish" on the page user Facebook.
On the website "Vkontakte" send video to friend you in two ways – in private messages or on the wall. To place the roller on the wall, visit a friend. Click on the box "Write message", then on the option "Attach" and select "Video". In the opened window you can choose a file from the list of your videos or to find it on search. Then, by clicking "Send" you put it on a friend's wall.
To send video in messages, open the window "New message" and exactly the same via the button "Attach", perform the actions.
By submitting a video, you can also write the message to the original comment to this video.