You will need
  • The documents confirming the trip.
Please contact the front Desk of your flight at the airport, if you find that you have accidentally lost your boarding pass before landing. You will be given a copy. If you are in the area of the gate and her time is running out, as quickly as possible, please refer to the flight attendants. They have more stationery boarding passov. After checking your passport, you duplicate it manually. Try to avoid such situations and keep track of your documents. Your neglect could delay the Seating mode and create a bad situation.
If the boarding pass you need for reporting about the perfect trip, save it to the end of your journey. Find out where you can apply for information in fact it is lost. This can be done by calling the airport or visiting the airline's website online. In this case, you will receive competent advice depending on your specific situation. Most likely, you will be asked to write a statement requesting the duplicate.
Note that the airline is not obliged to issue you a duplicate. Each airline has its own rules for issuing a boarding passov. In some cases, re-issuance of a document may be applicable.
Provide at the place of demand other documents confirming your trip. This can be a help, help-account, the invoice issued by the travel Agency. This should include data on the number of the travel document, itinerary, cost, and name of the passenger. Proof of travel may be the ticket with the receipt for its purchase or a statement from the Bank card certifying the expenditure of funds to pay for the flights.
Note that when you purchase a ticket electronically, the boarding pass is also required. It is a documentary confirmation of your trip.